D. Gray-Man – 74

The exorcists continue to fight against the Noah’s and defend against the Earl’s attacks.


This episode was great. It really continued with the intense fighting the previous episode had and even seemed to raise it up a bit. Kanda was fighting Tykki pretty seriously, Lavi and Marie going up against Skinn (who seems to have some inner voice talking to him), Tiedol joining the fight and Miranda saving people again. It’s definitely nice to see some serious action in the show as opposed to some of the more dull moments as that’s where this show really shines. Thankfully this was one of those episodes that was just interesting and exciting to watch.

One big thing in this episode was of course Lenalee’s innocence crystal that has appeared once again. They haven’t explained that yet but it’s definitely doing its job of making things extremely odd. I don’t have a problem with it but I do hope they explain what it is since I’m just curious, though I have a feeling it won’t really be properly explored until much much later.

I said before that I was really looking forward to the moment when Allen comes to Edo and kind of saves the day and it really didn’t disappoint when it happened here. I was ecstatic when he appeared and just thought it was amazingly cool. The way he just stuck his arm out and grabbed the Earl like that to stop him when no one else has really been able to touch the Earl he’s so powerful is great. It looks like he does some actual fighting with him in the next episode though he seems to be struggling. Struggling against him would be pretty reasonable, the Earl is pretty much the final big bad guy of the series and if Allen could kill him by touching him then things would die down and it would be very anti climatic but I was still hoping for Allen to show off more of his “I’m super kick ass now” mentality by just brushing off a Noah or something, but looks like for his debut he’ll struggle in a fight.

5 thoughts on “D. Gray-Man – 74”

  1. Stupid, sexy Lenalee!

    On a more serious note, great episode indeed. It’s hard to believe how good the series has become when looking back too the earlier episodes. Allen was pretty awesome as he showed up and saved Lenalee there, i was like “fuck yeah”.

    Btw, I saw a hint of LenaleeXAllen in the preview, which i welcome heartedly.

  2. the fact that it took 74 episodes to see this fantastic “fuck Yeah” entrance made by allen, was totally worth it in the end. thinking back at how we started to where we are now…D-gray man is damn great. now if only lenalees powers come back and she fights with allen side by side :)

    But yeah best entrance ever!!!!!!!!!!! knew sometthing like tht would happen but i didnt think he would come from behind lenalee and stop the earl’s attack…

  3. Nice save Allen. Had to make the bloody dramatic entrance, but did save Lenalee so that’s fine.

    No wonder the Earl went after Lenalee though. Her innocence has been completely unique. Going out of its way to save its user from death twice now. Sadly they were running low on support to help her out. Amazingly Tykki is enough to keep Kanda occupied for a while. Lavi is running on empty and Marie is doing what he can. Panda *ouch* and Kuro-chan are out of commission. Tiedol was impressive just taking down that giant akuma.

    Should be a good fight at least. Allen did have the moment of surprise so getting in there to stop the earl wasn’t quite the same as Kanda trying to slash him. Not sure how things are going to go from here. After all big players are right there and its not like you can just say “time out.”

  4. Im just waiting for whats to come, I wont like to spoil anything as someone who has seen the manga, but I will tell you that the episodes to come are going tobe extremely good, if these episodes were cool you will love the ones to come.

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