Shakugan no Shana II – 21

Yuji comes up with a plan to defeat Sabrac as Wilhelmina tries to hold him off while Yuji, Shana, and Margery carry it out.


THAT WAS PURE WIN AND AWESOME! My god that episode was great. I can’t believe how much it dragged me in. I loved when the song, Joint, started playing and they activated their plan and killed Sabrac. I couldn’t stop from just having a HUGE smile on my face and having it stay there the entire scene. It was awesome. Everything came together amazingly. Even though I liked Sabrac and thought he was a cool enemy it was still awesome to see them pull of a plan like that. I love how GAR Yuji has become. When Alastor mentioned all the stuff he did and how he pretty much saved their ass multiple times now was great, “When did he become such an important existence” indeed.

I’m curious as to what they are going to do now regarding Yuji leaving the city. They kind of brought up this topic back in the first season but never really touched on it and then they brought it up rather suddenly just a bit ago and now after this fight they talked about it seriously again. I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen regarding that. Leaving the city would be good for the sake of saving all the people that live there from the constant fights but then again defeating all the enemies is something I’d like to see from the show and if that’s done there isn’t that big of a need. Plus moving out of the city seems kind of like just running away even if it’s for the right reasons. Plus depending on whom goes with him it’d be sad to see Yuji and even Shana leaving behind all their friends at school and so on. I’m really interested to see what happens regarding that.

It seems like the next episode will deal a bit more about the romance in this show, which is great. Some people seem to have complained about the romance focus they had early on but I really liked it. I pretty much ant romance in every anime and I think if they develop it a bit more some scenes and events in this show can be all that more serious. Hopefully it will end up meaning something and not go to waste though.

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  1. Wow, Alastor pretty much gave Shana his consent in this episode. All we need is for Shana to actually say something to Yuji and they are good to go there. Should be interesting to see what comes next. Shana has to find some kind of medium that can get her confession out there without it being interrupted or not heard at all.

    In terms of complaints for the early part of the series, mine wasn’t about the romance. It was about wasting time. Spending episodes having the girls figure out that jealousy doesn’t feel good. Wow you think? But at least things started to accelerate and that’s fine. Get the romance in there sure, but do it right.

    Back to the episode which was just excellent. Johan deserves as much credit as anyone for developing the counter to stigma. Sadly it wasn’t ready to go in time to save him, but it really helped everyone here. Yuji as well deserves credit. He figured out Sabrac’s nature and a way to stop him while keeping people as safe as possible.

    Everyone came together here to beat someone that otherwise would have annihilated them. Kazumi even filled in nicely for Tanaka as someone to help give information. At least it kept her from lamenting about not being with Yuji. Of course Carmel did a great job again holding up against Sabrac while everything was being prepared. Nice work by Keisaku for coming up with his response to what would happen if Margery died.

    Just really enjoyed this episode. Too bad Sabrac had to go since he was a pretty cool enemy. But still thanks for the good times.

  2. I have a bad feeling about Yuiji tho. I don’t like the direction he’s headed in.

    (By that I don’t mean I don’t like the show’s direction, I just mean I have a feeling that things may not go so well for our heroes if things continue as they are specifically regarding Yuji. I don’t know how to explain it, but I am expecting… something.)

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