KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 22

Everyone holds a farewell party for Hoshino the day before the school festival.


I wasn’t really impressed with this episode at all. Really looking back at it it didn’t do anything. Nothing happened at all. No big events, school festival is still in the future, Hoshino hasn’t moved, Mao moved last episode, the movie isn’t done, and EVERYONE is still confused as hell about their own feelings it seems. The story doesn’t really seem to be progressing much. I really hope it picks up soon. I rather like this show and it’s not bad but at this point, this close to the end, they should pick things up a bit more. Not just for the sake of making the individual episode more interesting and entertaining but if they keep going at this slow pace by the time things get exciting there wont be enough episodes left to show it all very well. Hell, even Futami’s bit isn’t done it seems even though she got great progress earlier. There still seems to be some doubts she’s having regarding her feelings and Sakino liking Kazuki as well so it’s not even like we’re down to one arc yet.

The arc I’m concerned about the most is Kouichi’s. Kazuki’s has already proved to be interesting and at this point tops Kouichi’s yet it seems like they’ve been working on Kouichi’s for so long that if it doesn’t get a good end or some kind of closure it will hurt the entire series in general. They really have moved as slow as physically possible though this arc. We get it, Hoshino senses something is up with the feelings between Kouichi and Mao; we get it Mao likes Kouichi but doesn’t want to cause him trouble, WE GET IT how about…doing something about it? It just seems like they are wasting so much potential here. Building up the situation is important but they’ve done it way too much in this case.

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