Rosario + Vampire – 10

Tsukune and the others try and help Ruby when they learn of her situation.


I have to say I have pretty much mixed emotions about this episode. On one hand this episode is much better then a majority of the episodes because of the rather serious focus and the huge amount of action. Last episode was somewhat in the same vain, being better then a majority of the episodes where Tsukune pisses someone off or something and everyone comes to save him. However there were a LOT of things they kind of left out. I was informed of what happens in the manga which explains how Tsukune goes from being nearly dead to being absolutely perfectly fine. They kind of skipped that….just a little. Then just a general “Oh, she tried to kill me but I’ll befriend her. Oh, she tired to kill me again and nearly succeeded, but I’ll befriend her. Oh, she tired to kill me and everyone else and was almost successful, but I’ll befriend her”, type of progress that seems a bit off.

I do have to say it was pretty amusing to see them fit so much ecchi into the episode when it was mostly a serious and action focused one. Things such as showing them get tied up and do camera shots right towards their panties was just funny in its own way. Then when they showed them breathing heavily and talking to each other having the camera be completely stationary on their breasts as it heaved up and down was great. Like I said it was funny in a non humorous way.

I am curious as to what Ruby’s role will be now. It seems obvious that her initial arc is done now, as they spent two episodes on it, and it was quite interesting, however now it seems like she would fall into the same role the other girls did if she was normal. However from what I understood from the anime, which from numerous accounts sucks compared to the manga, is that if her staff is destroyed then she isn’t a witch anymore, which means she’s human now. If that’s the case it would certainly make things pretty interesting. Tsukune is human so it’s not like it’s impossible for a human to go to the school, but she also wouldn’t really be able to take part in the battle sot save Tsukune over and over again, in fact she wouldn’t really be able to do much at all. Even if it does turn out she’ll get a small part still, it won’t be nearly as involved as the other girls.

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  1. Ah now that I feel free to comment on what happened (except with Tsukune since they will probably deal with it in the final arc of the series) with the anime and manga.

    Really just one thing was how Ruby wasn’t the major problem here. Similarly she did attack Tsukune like in 9 and was beat up. But really not like she went over the edge and tried to kill them all after that. Main problem was the Master who was not dead in that case. Got to find out how Ruby’s parents wanted good relations with humans and witches. But they ended up being killed by a car driven by a human. Was taken in by the Master and over time became less of a fan concerning humans. Of course after spending time with Tsukune and co she started to think about what her beliefs have been.

    Ruby was punished for even showing doubts about what the Master had planned. So instead you have the angry old witch attacking our leads. Also putting out there some deeper questions. How there have been terrible things going on between the races human/witch/youkai and Tsukune and co had been naive to think they could just solve things simply or ignore that. During that fight with the giant plant thing, the master did turn into it. Ruby got Moka out of her jam and was then eaten. Eventually Moka stopped it similarly. The Master figuring out at the last that she had been scared Ruby would betray her. Using the last of her strength to save Ruby and that’s why she was found by Gin and company.

    Also a little too bad they glossed over Yukari’s fear of the human world. She really wasn’t keen on visiting and when they went to the city (not covered in anime, but nice beach scene) wasn’t that fun a time.

    So really they only had to befriend Ruby once after she tried to kill Tsukune :). Old Lady just bit the dust. Can’t really comment on Ruby’s role in the future since that would be spoiling. But she did have her magic at the end of that manga chapter. Not sure if they will act like between 9 and 10 and ignore it, or maybe give her a new staff to use. Maybe they will just go off on their own tangent. Actually play with her being unable to use magic.

    Did feel odd how they just ignored major things like Tsukune nearly dying and popping up next episode with some bandages, but none the worse. Wow if people could do that normally would be great.

    Were some enjoyable things with the ecchi that was added. Like the moments where they just focused on the heavy breathing girl’s breasts. Amazing as well how much they worked in getting caught by vines. But I guess with plant based enemies they just couldn’t resist.

    I’m surprised though at the stupidity of Tsukune. Why the heck would you head ‘alone’ to the head witch’s place? If she is even the least bit unfriendly he is going to get hurt. Good job covering him on his way, but that seemed a bit too careless.

  2. Wow… So many panty shots in this ep, not to mention they’re going for the “ecchi” style of conversation. Also, Tsukune is one of those “hey, let’s all be friends and hop merrily on the yellow brick road” type main character. Oh, those poor hopeless saps… Anyway, with 2 or 3 (Guessing it’s a 12 ep format series) We may get a second season given the popularity it’s gained. I can tell you right off the bat they have plenty of material to work with even if they have skipped some major details. And on a related note, there’s a manga that’s simliar to this, only it’s a reverse haerm with the main character being a girl that failed her highschool enterance exam and enrolled in a monster school and some how all the guys fall in love with her. Oh, before I forget, the manga is called “Love Monster”.

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