H20 – Footprints in the Sand – 10

Hotaru’s grandfather tells Hirose that it was the Kohinatas’ that were to blame for his mother’s death, driving a wedge between him and Hayami.


This was certainly an interesting episode. It definitely got things from being pretty nice and happy to extremely dark and more serious. I’m kind of glad it turns out the grandfather is still an absolute horrible person and hates Hayami. I don’t have anything against Hayami but having him still feel that way against her helps the show because of its problems with showing change. It seemed as if the grandfather had become fine with her but that’s not the case. It also seems public opinion of Hayami hadn’t really changed, they were just kind of dealing with it so those things do help the show as it means it’s not as bad with the whole showing change thing. Still bad at it, but just not as much anymore.

On a little bit of a lighter note it was extremely mega cute to see Hayami try and do the household chores but have no idea what o do since she had been living alone in a forest practically. Seeing her try and vacuum and do the laundry and get frustrated over not knowing what to do, then extremely embarrassed when Hirose did it for her was great. It’s too bad those moments ended so soon with the ugliness.

Even though it was the grandfather that pretty much set off the spark that made things get extremely messy and bad I would have to say the person I’m most pissed off at right now would be Hirose. I’m extremely disappointed in the way he his handling this all. I mean, sure it’s a shock and I don’t hold it against him that he would be shocked at it but really the fact that he would let that change anything doesn’t speak well for him. It’s not like Hayami did anything. Hayami didn’t cause his mother to commit suicide. This all goes back to a fairly ancient situation about the sins of the parents being passed onto the children which seems to be what’s happening here when it really doesn’t have much basis to. I would have hoped Hirose would be smart enough and care about Hayami enough to not let this change anything. It would have been great for his character to stand up and say he doesn’t care, he still loves Hayami and whatnot but instead we get…this. I’m just not happy with Hirose right now for having all this happen.

4 thoughts on “H20 – Footprints in the Sand – 10”

  1. You didn’t mention Hayami’s reversion to behaving like an outcast, It’s like the writers decided they’d brought Hirose and Hayami together too soon. Hope this doesn’t get repetative

  2. The show’s gone full circle now: Hayami getting beaten in the rain, Hirose losing his eye sight, yup, just like the opening to the show. I will give Hirose the benefit of the doubt that he’s stressed about losing his eye sight and that Hayami’s family was the reason why his mother died. As for the grandfather, he’s reverted back into the evil villian throne.

  3. It didn’t really seem like Hirose wanted to act so horribly to Hayami. More like he just couldn’t control his feelings; his mother did commit suicide after all and he must have been wondering why she would abandon him like that, probably blaming himself. Whether he wanted to or not, Hayami is probably the closest thing to the murderer, at least in his subconscious…
    Ah well, things’ll probably be sorted out next episode, from the Evangelion-esque preview ^-^

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