Shigofumi – Chiaki Actually Has An Amazing Back-Story

I was really impressed with this episode, so much that I’m doing a post on it when I don’t normally, at least not for every episode. I really have to say that before this episode I wasn’t really a big fan of Chiaki. I found her quite annoying and I didn’t think she really added much to show. However I thought this story involving her was beautiful. The whole romance involving death or living forever is always an interesting subject. I thought it was quite moving which is surprising because of me not being a huge Chiaki fan. Still, her individual story for this episode was great. It was nice to see something that wasn’t completely horrible and tragic, but something a bit more sweet. I was really impressed.

I also became quite interested in the romance aspect of the show. There had always been the possibility of something going on and developing with Kaname but it really didn’t get that complex until now. It seems like there is a bit uncertainly as to whom Kaname likes and who likes him when you’re dealing with split personalities. I’m not even sure who he supposedly likes and who like shim, if it’s Fumi or Mikawa. Although they may be the same person essentially they are different personalities, so it defiantly gets really complicated. I’m guessing it might turn into something in the end where the coma one wakes up and the other one disappears but their personalities merge a bit since the non coma one, I think that’s Fumi, is really just part of coma one. (It’s even hard to explain because they technically have the same names too, her full name is Mikawa Fumika after all)

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