Clannad – 20

Tomoyo learns more about Nagisa’s past and what she did to cause trouble to her parents.


This episode was really interesting. Although it seemed like it was pretty laid back and nothing big really happened in it, the information it brought forth about Nagisa was really interesting. I’m sure it will come up again with her though, about causing her parents to quit their dreams. It’s really not something she can be blamed for. Even if it was her going out I the cold that finally changed things, she was just a sweet innocent girl at the time who wanted to wait for her parents, she didn’t really do anything wrong. Still, I’m sure this is going to be the main point of interesting in her arc. However that’s not all that has still to be resolved. There is still the weird story with the girl and the robot which seems to be tied to Nagisa’s story. I’m really thinking it’s just metaphoric for what’s going on with Nagisa and perhaps Tomoyo too. Still, I’m sure that will have a HUGE tie-in to the rest of the story.

I’m really interested in the bits of romance they are starting to really show between Tomoya and Nagisa. Although it had pretty much always been there and had been established they would likely end up together and there was something between them, nothing was really happening. This episode was the first time anything this big happened. There was of course the rather big event during the game, which I absolutely loved. I found it funny and at the same time kind of sweet, since it really did seem to be her real feelings. Her yelling out without thinking that she’s falling in love with him like that was great. Then there were also just a lot of several more subtle cases but they really did seem to be getting closer with a lot more general focus on their relationship.

I’m really curious as to the way the pacing will go for this show now. I recently just found out that Clannad will end at episode 22 which was definitely a shock to me. On one hand its bad news as it means they wont have as many Clannad episodes and if they have to fit an arc into fewer episodes it will leave more out but on the other hand its good because it will allow the arc to be really focused and they wont have to fill time with a lot of fluff. Still, with only two episodes left to go I’m really wondering what’s going to happen as we haven’t really gotten to the point where things have gotten really serious now, we just pretty much know the situation.

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