KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 21

The school begins preparation for the school festival while Kouichi deals with the news of Mao moving out of the house.


I do have to say on a bit of a rather unimportant note it was a bit surprising to see this episode end without some giant cliffhanger at the end. That really seemed to be the formula that nearly every single episode until now had. It would go along a bit slowly and then pick up near the end and then finish with a big moment cliffhanger. Then the next episode would already be calm and they would flash back to it a little later explaining how it settled down. It’s not really important but it was like that every single time it’s just a bit interesting to see it deviate.

This episode really wasn’t anything that special or spectacular, in fact it was a pretty dull. It kind of showed the situation, showing Futami and Kazuki’s relationship and showing Kouichi dealing with Mao’s leaving but it didn’t actually change anything, it just showed in a big general way how people were feeling. I really hope the Mao story picks up soon. I defiantly like Eriko and Kazuki’s the best but I also don’t hate Mao and Kouichi’s story. It can defiantly end up being something interesting if it picks up.

I have to say that it was amazing to see Eriko acting like that. She’s really changed from how she used to be. I would say that this is one of the best examples of character development I’ve ever seen in an anime. Several anime will give a character “development’ by essentially just revealing information about them and kind of showing their motivation but that’s not really “development’ For Eriko it really was. She started out one way and though the experiences really did change at a fundamental level which was amazing to see. It seems like we aren’t over with her arc though. They still have to give Sakino some conclusion but it looks like it will end up involving Eriko more then I thought. I thought Sakino would kind of give up or tell Kazuki how she feels even though she knows nothing will happen. However, Futami kind of gave a look like she knew something was a bit off so perhaps it’ll be more complicated then I thought.

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  1. Was honestly surprised when the episode ended since there was that lack of cliffhanger. Usually its clear the episode is just about over since your hit with that big situation. Not bad to deviate, just an interesting surprise.

    Have liked the development for Eriko. She really has grown from that removed person that things started as. Kazuki and her really have grown and changed from what they started out as. Just seeing her walk to school with Kazuki, have relaxed conversations, and just enjoy spending time together was nice. I’m sure after the outburst earlier in the series that Eriko knows how Asuka feels. Thus it came to her why Asuka has been acting unusual. Probably feels it will be necessary to talk with her. Maybe get Asuka to say how she feels so it won’t just be left not addressed.

    Hopefully Mao/Kouichi/Yuumi settle things. Right now things are happening, but doesn’t feel like it. Mao is moving out, Yuumi is moving away, and Kouichi is just hovering around not really making a stand. Figure out how you feel and get going man!

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