Rosario + Vampire – 09

The school’s newspaper club takes a trip to the human world for their summer vacation.


This episode certainly surprised me. It seems like things are finally taking off a bit, which I guess is to be expected since its nearing the end and even shows that are…like this one generally have some kind of more exciting conclusion to them. When I saw the new witch I knew something big had to happen seeing as how she’s in the OP. However even though I knew an event like this wasn’t big enough to be this series’ big conclusion I was still surprised with Tsukune was skewered by the plants at the end. I thought it would be over for a while and perhaps she’d come back later. Now obviously Tsukune can’t be dead since he’s the main character but he looked to be in pretty bad shape. It will be interesting to see how they explain him not being dead. It was also pretty interesting to see Moka change without the Rosary removed. She definitely seems super pissed.

I was quite surprised with the bit of romantic development they had in this episode. For the most part this show hasn’t really been anywhere near serious about the romance aspect of this. There has always been a joke that Moka just sucks his blood and doesn’t kiss him and so on. However there were several moments in this episode that seemed like they were more then that. She never sucked his blood so some of those moments could have just turned into things we’ve already seen, but it seemed like more. It seemed like they were a bit closer with each other and perhaps they could’ve kissed if they weren’t interrupted. I don’t really expect any real romance development from a show like this. Although I love romance and want it to be a big focus in almost every anime I don’t really expect it to be in big supply here. However a little bit of it wouldn’t hurt and hopefully some of those moments pointed to that.

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  1. To be honest, the formula was getting pretty boring for me, so it was nice to see something different happen in the series for once. But what really bugs me is that they still haven’t explained who those exorcists from the Black Order are- I mean, those people in suits at the end. ^-^


  2. Have to say this episode was a relief. Was starting to wonder if they’d get any of the serious stuff into the series before it was over. Not a bad choice since of course they wanted to introduce Ruby.

    Some nice shifts like not being dealt with in one episode and not ending with the sucking Tsukune’s blood. Instead the guy is on the brink of death. Guess this is what happens when you try to have a romantic moment while the opponent is still there.

    Frankly Ruby is just damned screwed. Mizore is pissed, Kurumu is pissed, and Moka transformed with the Rosario on. Of course someone might want to tend to Tsukune before they end up having to avenge his death and not just severe injury.

    Just a personal feeling. But since Moka oddly has been one of the characters I’ve cared the least about. Having her moments with Tsukune broken up isn’t too big a deal.

  3. Andy, I had to delete your comment because it was way too much of a spoiler. Please don’t spoil things for shows that have source material further then it, like in this case. Just because I or someone else questions what will happen does not mean they want to be spoiled to it.

  4. Have to agree that this episode was a refreshing change compared to the rut they had fallen into previously. Not that I expect a lot from this show, but it can be fairly entertaining and this episode was definitely one of the better ones. I’m wondering if Tsukune getting sliced and diced will end up revealing his humanity to the other girls, not that it will probably make much difference. It was pretty cool to see all the girls get supper pissed at Ruby, I’m sure a serious tag team beat down was on it’s way.

    I think the show has done a pretty decent job of showing Moka and Tsukune’s genuine affection for each other. Sure, she really likes to suck his blood, but despite it being a harem show, Moka has always been tops in Tsukune’s heart and vice versa. This episode kind of pushed that a bit but I think it was always there.

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