Shakugan no Shana II – 20

Yuji and Wilhelmina face off against Sabrac after Shana is blasted away from the fight.


This episode was great. It pretty much consisted of one long extremely interesting and exciting fight which by itself is pretty cool. It really made things serious as it wasn’t a fight that the good guys were easily winning, they seem pretty screwed. I have to say for a bit that Sabrac is just freaking awesome. He kicks ass. He’s one of the coolest bad guys, no, THE coolest bad guy I’ve seen in Shana so far. He just looks cool first of all but he’s also pretty good at kicking ass. So far they haven’t really landed a hit on him. Plus his unique ability seems like it really would be one of the best abilities to have in a fight. To have any wound inflected not heal for the duration of a fight and actually get worse. Hell you could kill someone by scratching them and waiting an hour.

I am curious as to what this weird feeling Yuji is getting. At first I thought it was just him detecting Sabrac which it might partially be. If so that’s pretty big by itself as Wilhelm said no one can detect him. If Yuji can that’s a pretty big thing. However, even when he knew where Sabrac was he seemed to feel something weird coming from the hole of the explosion. Perhaps that will be a key to defeating him. Hell, maybe he is detecting Sabrac and the ones fighting are some kind of clones, which would explain him not taking any damage. Either way they didn’t really explain that, they just shrouded it in mystery with Yuji for some reason finding something odd. Hopefully they’ll expand on that, which is likely because as it stands now they aren’t doing crap to Sabrac.

I’ve said this before but I’m going to have to say it again as it became even more apparent after this episode. They do not have enough episodes to finish this in this season. They are either going to have to make a third season or just leave things unconcluded, the latter which would really suck. They have a bout six episodes left and the next one at least seems like it will deal entirely with Sabrac. That’s ok too because as I’ve expressed above I think he is immensely cool but that also means that after the Sabrac arc there will be five maybe four episodes left and that is not enough to conclude all of Bal Masque including Margery’s vendetta on Metamorphous, the triclopes and Wilhelm, Yoshida and the Pheles thing, any romance between Shana and Yuji, Hecate, and the Silver. There is just way too much to try and pack into those episodes that it pretty much guarantees this season won’t conclude anything. I can only hope for them to make another.

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  1. Really have to say that Sabrac is just a damn good enemy.

    He’s just completely overwhelming in so many ways. Sure he gets focused and only attacks what’s in front of him, but that hardly helps the person he is locked onto. He can start the fight with a massive wide-spread damaging attack. Combined with his unrestricted spell Stigma that makes any wound stay open and get worse over time is almost instant win by itself. It is impossible to predict when he’s going to strike. Guy has incredible attacking abilities and his defence is very strong as well. Calling him out as a monster would fit since right now its hard to see how he can be stopped.

    Shana and Margery will have to get in there sooner rather than later since resting won’t do anything. The wounds will just get worse and make it harder to assist later. Even Yuji is a bit stumped on how to do anything against him. Hopefully the weird feeling he has will lead to some kind of solution for them. Carmel said she had another job for him so maybe she picked up on it too?

    Anyways have to give credit to Carmel. Since Sabrac is so overwhelming, anyone who can last and stand up against him has to be something themselves. Even while hurt she is throwing everything she can at the guy. Firing at him, crushing him with buildings before blasting him, she is just doing everything she can. Hopefully she can hold out long enough for some kind of solution to present itself.

    Agree there isn’t enough time to resolve everything. Issues with the Reiji Maigo, Yohan, Pheles, Silver, Bael Masque, the romantic situation, what is up with Chigusa, and what decision will Yuji make about his future. You have to think a third season will be on the horizon at some point. How much they decide to deal with before the season is over will be the question.

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