H2O – Footprints in the Sand – 09

Hirose finds a bell left to him by his mother and takes it around with him, causing a misunderstanding amongst Hayami and Hotaru due to the meaning it holds due to the upcoming festival.


I absolutely loved the confession bit at the end. Although this show really isn’t the best and it’s kind of too far along to wind up being a great show it still has some interesting parts and is a bit fun to watch. The confession really helps this show in my mind as it really points to it not just becoming some show where nothing really happens in the end. The entire time the two of them were on the hill I was just screaming in my head “Tell her to keep the bell!” Which did end up being what happened, so I’m really glad that it turned out that way. That and they keep the meaning behind it, as they kissed so it was a confession not just a lets continue being friends type thing, which could have happened. It will be interesting to see where this leads to now.

Hotaru’s grandfather really interested me in this episode. It was pretty believable and understandable that the adults would still bear a grudge against the Kohinatas more then their children, considering they’ve gotten to know her via Hirose and Hotaru’s efforts. They would be more understanding that Hayami herself didn’t do anything. However although Hotaru’s grandfather didn’t get super pissed and try to punish the arsons, he also didn’t even begin to hint towards using this as an opportunity AGAINST her. I was surprised at the village meeting when he kind of defended her, saying to just not worry about it. Then when he saw her running he kind of said this must be karma, which when I thought about it seems to mean he thinks this is karma punishing him. After all he would benefit from Hirose being with Hotaru, yet Hirose goes with Hayami therefore Hirose choosing Hayami is bad for him in a way. It seems like he was understanding something along those lines that because of his actions against Hayami it was coming back at him. Although that may not be the case exactly, it depends on how serious you believe in karma and so forth but I got the impression he wasn’t being so evil.

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  1. Do wonder with that grandfather. Did he have a major shift in character inbetween episodes that the show didn’t seem to feel was important to show? Just because with this series that would seem to be a possible explanation. At least with the meeting he could have been holding back because Hirose’s uncle was there and wouldn’t be good to lead a mob in that kind of situation. But we can try and consider him having some sort of change in thinking.

    At least a very nice development for Hayami and Hirose. Get their relationship to this level and a kiss with the moon in the background isn’t too bad. Of course now to see how things go from here. Does the village do something else to Hayami and Hirose has to do something? Guess its just a wait and see how the rest of the series shapes up.

  2. I really like this episode, I kinda guessed Hirose would go for Hayami since she was the first person for him to actually meet (Next to his uncle). She was also the person he talked to after he got his eye sight. All in all, with a few more episodes to go, we may get a bit of conflict.

  3. I liked the actual confession seen too, it was sweet and nice to watch. However, this episode just further reinforced to me just how lacking the pacing and plot planning/development is for this series. Things just change to drastically without any explanation. You can attribute it to time skips or a whatever but what it boils down to is just lackluster story telling.

    Hirose can see again? No problem, it’s like he was never blind. Hayami goes from ass kicked roach to socially accepted by the other kids? Sure, snap of the fingers. Hinata reverts to Hotaru? Why not, not like it was a big deal or anything, just act like she was always that way. And now with Hotaru’s grandfather, from bastard patriach to lead the ostrasizing of Hayami while smacking Hotaru into obedience, now he’s defending Hayami and asking people to let her be, oh, and he seems not particularly upset that Hotaru is actually being Hotaru.

    I mean, this series is fun to watch for what it is, but it is amazing how it consistently allows its most dramatic conflicts to be resolved in a way that acts like there was never a conflict to begin with and with no concern for contradictions of character.

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