Episode of the Week – 02.29 – KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 20

Episode of the Week:

KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 20

I was tempted to give this award to the Hayate episode that featured Isumi but decided against it mainly because the only reason I was in love with that episode was my raging fanboyism over Isumi herself and thought this award should be a bit more thought out then that. I do believe this is the first time that KimiKiss has won the EotW. The rest of the episodes this week just didn’t really seem to impress me a lot. They weren’t bad, but they didn’t have something as vitally important like this one did.

This episode really was the pinnacle so far of the Kazuki and Eriko story. KimiKiss is pretty much broken into the two stories staring Kazuki and Kouichi and although it kind of seems from the way they have been handling them that Kouichi’s is supposed to be the main one really throughout most of the series Kazuki’s has been the one that is more interesting. It is certainly the case for me and it’s the main high point of the show. This episode really focused on this like a laser giving amazing character development to a normally emotionless Eriko. The emotion she displayed was amazing for her character really just drawing me in and having me stunned. I just hope Kouichi’s story can pick up. I don’t’ think it will become better then Kazuki’s in my opinion but its not as if it’s horrible. Still, this episode was amazing for this show and especially for the Kazuki and Eriko story, captivating me like no other episode this week did.

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  1. Have to agree it was the Kazuki side of things that always had my attention more than Kouichi. So this episode was really enjoyable personally. This was a pretty huge episode for him and Eriko. Of course still need for her to admit her feelings and reply back to him, but still more than enough episodes for that purpose.

    Kazuki knew what he had to do and no longer had the hesitation that held him back before. Sure he fumbled around when she showed up behind him, but well he is only human after all. Just a really good episode all around.

    Agree this one did deserve the award this week. Had some solid episodes, but mostly just slowly building the series along. So never having a real chance to knock over some of the other series. But this time Kimikiss came through strong.

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