Hayate no Gotoku – 46

Wataru sees Isumi in a different school’s uniform and boarding a bus she he investigates as to what is going on with her.


Wow….this was the greatest episode in the history of existence! Ok, perhaps I’m exaggerating a tiny bit because I’m a raging Isumi fan, but still….I Isumi’gasmed at this episode, it was just full to the brim with Isumi moments. Well….actually it didn’t have a lot of Isumi moments in regards to her being her normal self. No getting lost or being the normal airhead she is, but all of the “service cuts” they had with her were absolutely fantastically amazingly awesome. I loved the narrator chiming in saying it’s not like this is a special episode with Isumi service for Isumi fans. But wow was there a lot of fan service for her. Not really ecchi or anything, as this show doesn’t really have that much revealing moments even when they are doing service cuts. But showing Isumi in a school uniform, gymnastics outfit, cheerleader outfit, swimsuit, and normal gym cloths all in the same episode effectively fried my brain. This episode truly was a gift from god for Isumi fans such as my self, though Isumi will be mine so there isn’t much hope for other Isumi fans, still though….

There’s not much else to say about this episode, as this episode really seemed Isumi focused. I always say the bet moments are with her in it, which was most of the episode and the parts she wasn’t in they were talking about her. My only hopes are that they don’t keep Isumi out of some of the following episodes since they gave her her own, but something like that will likely happen.

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