Shakugan no Shana II – 19

Yuji confronts weak Tomogara that has come to lead him somewhere as Yuji tries to find out what his plans are before its too late.


This episode was amazing. Although it did have some action in it and it wasn’t just a lull that’s not really why I was so impressed. I was just blown away by Yuji and how awesome he was. He’s definitely come a long way. He was able to really analyze the situation going on. He questioned the appearance of Zarovee, sent out a message to Tanaka without the Tomogara knowing really, figured out the Tomogara’s plan before he did it really, intervened and stopped it. Although he didn’t resolve it all on his own, if he had just blindly followed him and let him do what he want the situation wouldn’t have turned out in their favor nearly as much. The fight was cool, but for the most part not that impressive since the Tomogara was weak. What was really impressive was his knowledge and being able to realize the trap and situation.

They did seem to resolve whatever issue Yuji was having. He seemed to kind of realize something involving himself and what his attitude had been regarding leaving. However honestly I’m still a bit fuzzy on what that all really meant. It wasn’t really clear what his stance was and what was so wrong with his attitude. There was obviously something off about him and it seems like the issue is fixed that because he realized something and even wanted to talk to Shana about what he said before, however even though it was resolved I’m still not sure what the problem was to begin with. As long as it’s over with now it doesn’t really matter, but that whole topic seemed a bit off to me.

The next episode definitely looks like it’ll be a big one. Not only are they jumping right into an episode that will be packed with action right after another episode with action, but the focus of the next episode is Sabrac. He’s not just some random Tomogara like the two in this episode were, he’s been built up as an important target for a while now. He’s got a huge connection to Wilhelmina, as she was almost killed by him the last time they met, and Wilhelm isn’t super weak or anything. I just hope she doesn’t die. I was actually thinking she might when I first saw the preview and it would be pretty interesting if she did. It would add a TON of drama and seriousness to the show which is already full of it, to have someone as close to Shana as Wilhelm die is pretty big. However with Wilhelm’s rival in Bal Masque still alive I doubt she would die before facing her. Still, it looks to be a pretty big episode.

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode too for the same reasons. :D Yuji’s GARness was fun to watch, especially when he disposed of Zarovee (with his bare hands!). I kinda miss Shana’s tsuntsun attitude though… I haven’t heard her say “Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!” for quite some time now. *_*

    Can’t wait for the next episode, hopefully the fight with Sabrac will be as epic as they say it would be. *A*

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