True Tears – 08

Shin starts to go out with Noe while Hiromi struggles with what to do as she spends more time with Noe’s brother.


I have to say this first, as I’ve kind of said it in the EotW post but this show has gotten to the point where if Noe wins I will absolutely love and worship this show. The best I can rank my favorite shows are in tiers of top 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 as I’m too indecisive to give them definite rankings. If Shin ends up with Noe this show would easily make it into my top 5 but if he ends up with Hiromi this show will pretty much immediately fall into top 50 at most, if even that. It’s that big of a deal I think. Noe is just too innocent and cute to experience her first love and then be dumped like that and I really will dislike the show if something like that happens.

That being said, this episode really reinforced that. Although I kind of said last post I was unsure of how it was going to end I’ve pretty much realized and am now absolutely certain it will end a certain way….which isn’t the way I want it to end. He’s going to end up with Hiromi, this episode pointed to so many reasons. The fact that he’s already going out with Noe doesn’t help things AT ALL. God, almost any anime where the guy goes out with the girl before the very end means he doesn’t end up with that girl unless it’s a pure shoujo and this isn’t. Plus the fact they have a childhood past together and Hiromi dreamt of the whole “Don’t leave me behind” thing and if Shin doesn’t wind up with her that’s exactly what will happen. Plus the whole situation with Shin’s mother and Hiromi saying she ahs no where to belong doesn’t help. Shows in this situation tend to have the girl win that has the most to loose, as they don’t want that horrible situation to come true. Hiromi is much worse off if she doesn’t end up with him because of the whole not belonging anywhere thing. And it doesn’t help that Noe can’t cry and if Shin dumps her she probably would, and a big focus of this show is tears. Damnit, like I said if this goes the way I’m absolutely certain it will I will end up severely disliking this show.

The preview did even more to support my pessimism for this show; I’m really 100 percent certain of how this will end now. Just the line of Noe saying “You’re having a hard time flying” points to her realizing that something is effectively holding Shin back, which would be his feelings for Hiromi. That and the fact that Hiromi seems to stay away for a while and Shin has a problem with it points to her needing some kind of closure, ad they wouldn’t end it with her feeling this way…DAMNIT.

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  1. There are certainly some strong hints pointing towards a Shin x Hiromi ending, it will suck to see Noe crushed if it comes to pass but perhaps that’s how’ll she’ll get her tears back. I’m really starting to think that Shin’s desire to date Noe isn’t because of a sincere romantic attraction but rather just as a reflection of Noe’s deep affection for him. In effect he like’s her cause he knows how much she like’s him and is comforted by it. It doesn’t bode well for Noe.

    The Japanese seem to have a strong taste for bittersweet endings and both Hiromi and Noe have a lot to lose in their own way, maybe the writers will take the path of greatest upset and pair Shin and Ai thus leaving a distraught Hiromi, Noe, and Nobuse. :-)

  2. I totally agree with your post.. heck I haven’t even watched episode 8 yet due to the fact that I just know one of this episodes noe will be hurt =.= I really wish it was a noe x shin ending but I share the same pessimistic views you pointed out ._. only hope now is Jun..

  3. Given the preview and the events that are building up, it’s pointing in a Noe ending but we all know that they could twist this. As for the NoeXShin pairing, I’m rooting for it. True tears could be one the anime I’ve watched this winter. However with 4 (More or less) more episodes left, Noe and Shin may have something break them up or Shin getting hurt in a way that he “gives” Noe his tears. And once again, here we are predicting the ending of true tears.

  4. Have to say I feel the same here. My gut keeps telling me this is going to go bad for Noe eventually. Really have set up Hiromi as someone who has so much to lose. That dream just gave a really bad feeling. Of course could have a situation where she is accepted by the family (well ok, the mother is the only problem) and realizing she doesn’t need a romantic involvement with Shin in order to be happy.

    Yeah that sounds pretty unlikely. But might as well keep various things open until the crushing defeat. If they do keep Shin and Noe together I will be shocked, but definitely very happy.

    At least for a good ending we’ll need some kind of breakup. Either they will get back together and it will end fine or he’ll end up with Hiromi. Just need to wait and see.

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMFG Xebek You took the words right out of my mouth!!! I freakin loved Noe and hated Hiromi with a burning passion! I think EP8 is when he asked her out? Anyways whatever episode that was and the one after that were my favorite episodes. Noe was just absolutely positively adorably cute! When they started going out, I was like crying with happiness :) Though, then stuff happened and it made me really sad&pissed -.- My poor little Noe Muffin Cakes! I could have cried! Noe was so innocent and cute and I just loved her! They should have been together always :) Though, the one thing I hate about in romance/comedy/drama/whatever Animes is, 1) The Main Character is always madly in love with some girl but is such a fail to just even talk to her 2) The Girl is always a crazy psycho biotch 3) The Main Character always goes out with another girl(That I always personally love and is absolutely adorable) and still has feelings for the crazy one.. 4) The crazy girl always starts liking the main character and ruins everything between the Main Character and the cutie pie 5) At the end of the anime, he tells the girl who he is going out with, that he loves the crazy chick and leaves her heartbroken

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