Rosario + Vampire – 08

Tsukune has trouble with math and asks Moka to help him study so he doesn’t fail the upcoming test.


This episode was pretty much like all of the others, not really that amazing or good, however the show really doesn’t strike me as one that is trying to achieve that. Still, this episode seemed to bother me a bit. It’s one of my least favorites of this series. It just seemed like it just wasn’t hat good. I didn’t really like the teacher character and it seemed like a lot of the stuff that happened in this episode was just stupid, which is saying a lot considering most of this show is stupid so for a part to bother me because it seems too stupid in this show is definitely something. So overall it was definitely an episode that fit the theme of this show, extreme ecchiness and slapstick like comedy, yet at the same time it stills seemed to bother me. I can only hope that they add some form of seriousness to the show somewhere down the line.

I still really like Shira the best, the ice girl. It’s a shame she didn’t get as big of a part in this episode but I really didn’t expect her to. After all, the reason she had a big part in the last episode was because it was the episode she was introduced in, beyond that there wasn’t really any hope as the show is pretty much mostly dominated by Moka. Still, it was neat to see her contribute to the fight, albeit to not much avail. Still, she’s definitely my favorite character. I loved how everyone else appeared on the roof top really loud and hyper but she just kind of silently appeared out of nowhere, surprising everyone.

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  1. Yeah after the first few episodes couldn’t help but go and check out the manga. Really is better than this. But since Gonzo is behind it can’t be all that surprised since those guys know how to do poor jobs at times. Not sure if they will try and incorporate any of the really serious things with the episodes they have remaining.

    Certainly a surprise that Shira played a part at all since this was before her introduction in the manga. Still gave a good effort in doing something. Has the fun habit of just popping up with calm statements about the situation. It’s her style and she makes it work well.

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