Hayate no Gotoku – 45

Nagi and Hayate try and find a way to allow Maria to relax when they realize how young she is and how hard she is always working for them.


This episode was pretty good. Again like a majority of the episodes it wasn’t anything special. There wasn’t any real big event hat would have impact on other episodes, but it was still pretty nice. The episode didn’t really seem to have that many funny bits about it, and it was certainly light on the parodies and cameos but I think the episode in a way benefited form that as it kind of made it just a nice relaxing episode focusing on Maria. She is a great character and really she gets hardly any focus, she’s always just in the background yet doing things that end up being vital to the episode’s individual story so it was nice seeing her get focused on. There wasn’t a too huge Isumi part in this episode…but the preview more then makes up for that…

MY GOD am I anticipating the next episode. As you may have guessed from my continuous rants about Isumi and the fact that I did a character profile post of her, check it out (There’s a link on the sidebar under Xeby’s recent post), I absolutely love her. I will make her mine. The next episode seems to point to a mainly Isumi focused episode. My god it’s lie a present from God. Isumi in a school uniform, in a gym outfit, it’s unbelievably amazingly awesome. I’m tempted to say the best part of this episode was the preview for the next. GO ISUMI!

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  1. Hayate no Gotoku is a bit disappointing to me, but yes, Isumi is one of the best. Moe aspiring indeed… And like looks like Xebek’s gonna get some competition for Isumi.

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