H2O – Footprints in the Sand – 08

The world around Hirose becomes extremely weird as Otoha plays with what is real and tells Hirose he has to return things to normal.



Wow…This episode was extremely weird. Really this episode was all one long giant WTF moment. I don’t really know how else to explain it. I was in constant amazement about how weird it was. I’m not saying this show is anywhere near amazing when it’s a normal episode but for it to suddenly change so drastically like this it really was weird to see. Now given this was all basically a dream, and thank god for that. If it was more real it would have given this show even less credibility. However, even though this episode really was extremely odd and just bizarre it was admittedly funny in several parts. It’s not the best comedy I’ve seen in an anime or anything but it was still pretty funny and for this show it was one of the funnier moments.

My quarrels with the episode though are that it tried to give a meaningful and serious end to Otoha but the wackiness of the first 90 percent of the episode took away from that, which is a bit of a shame. This really does seem like the conclusion to any story she might have gotten and albeit not a big one it was diminished even further by the lack of seriousness the rest of the episode had. Even though the wackiness kind of had a reason to it, being that Otoha wanted to leave on a happy note and not a sad one, it still took away from her scene at the end I think as that scene itself seemed like it should have been more emotional yet wasn’t if nothing else because of the wackiness before it. I am curious now as to what will become of his eyesight. I’m a bit shocked they haven’t addressed the issue. I’m not going to get into them not making a fuss about it when it first changed, but I am a bit surprised Hirose or Otoha hasn’t brought it up now that she is leaving/has left. With her gone it would be the perfect explanation as to why it would disappear again, but he seemed to have it at the scene at the end after she had left. Hopefully they won’t completely forget about it though and the issue is addressed later, otherwise I really see absolutely no reason why he needed to be blind in the first place.

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