Character Profile: Saginomiya Isumi

It’s me everyone, Xeby-chan. Since Xebek recently gave Character Profiles their own page I decided to try and do some more of them. I try and focus on more minor and side character so here we go.


Name: Saginomiya Isumi

Anime/Manga: Hayate no Gotoku (Hayate the Combat Butler)
Age: 13 – 14
Height: 144cm
Weight: 30kg
Blood Type: O
Birthday: September 24th

  • Isumi is the inheritor of the secret mystical power called Jutsushiki Hachiyo, the spell of the eight leaves. This power is only inherited by a chosen female child in the Saginomiya family.
  • She’s been friends with Sanzenin Nagi since childhood when she took an interest in her manga.

Pictures and thoughts after the jump.

Several Hayate episodes were released recently and as I was constantly raving and ranting about how awesome Isumi is I thought that she would be perfect to do a character profile of. She really is simply amazing. She’s easily my favorite character in Hayate no Gotoku. Truly I always say that the best parts of an episode are the scenes she’s in; she truly does need her own spin-off. She really is an amazing mix of cute and air headed. It’s a bit hard to explain her character type. I almost want to say shy, as she is a bit soft-spoken and certainly isn’t as outgoing as say Sakuya, yet its not like she continually hides or anything. It’s more like she’s just really quiet. Still, she manages to be hilarious and cute at the same time.

I of course have to talk about her biggest “charm point” would be the fact that she continuously gets lost at the easiest of traveling. Now, getting lost isn’t a completely new and unique factor to Isumi, there have been plenty of situations in anime where someone gets lost and even some minor things like a particular character always getting lost when perhaps they take a car ride somewhere far away. However I don’t know any anime character or anime that utilized it to the extent it is with Isumi. It’s absolutely hilarious when she gets lost. Although it has pretty much been the same joke throughout the series it still really manages to be funny each time mainly because they don’ spend too much time focusing on it and it’s to such an amazingly huge degree. Taking a walk in your own garden and getting lost to the point of being at the other end of the country, walking to the bathroom and winding up in the middle of the city, it’s really hilarious to me.

Aside form the getting lost part there are plenty of other adorable things that Isumi just does naturally. The way she views life kind of innocently is fun to see. One scene from a recent anime episode comes to mind where she is floating on a box and stretching her arm out with a stick waving it back and forth futilely at a shark. It was incredibly cute to see. However while she has this amazing adorable point to her she also seems to have this amazing spiritual power. She’s shown in the OP as defeating some monsters/spirits with some charms and there are several episodes where she has pulled out a charm and totally kicked ass.

And now, the rest of the pictures. Most pictures are links to their larger versions, if they have one.

^One of my favorites

^Other Favorite

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