Hayate no Gotoku – 44

Nagi decides to have her manga animated so she can better explain to Maria and Hayate what it’s about.


This episode was absolutely fantastic. I’ve pretty much always said that this show really strives when it has a lot of parodies and cameos fro other anime or when it break the fourth wall. Not only is that funny by itself but not many other shows do it nearly as well as this one, or as often. Seeing as how they episode was absolutely filled with these moments, it definitely proved my thought true by being hilarious. This really was one of my favorite episodes in a long time. Not that the other episodes were bad, but this defiantly is at the top of the list for favorite Hayate episodes. I’m not going to list out all the cameos as first of all I don’t actually know ever single one but just the fact there were so many like the outfits the animators were wearing was great.

I loved the actual finished anime/movie thing. Even though they showed it at the beginning, the “OP” for it was great; Nagi’s drawings of the extremely masculine girl tied in with the song were great. I loved the fat she actually put into the song that it was made by her and that she was great. Then, although it drastically changed style I found it even more hilarious when they showed the normal characters all playing the roles of the characters in the “new anime” Nagi being his wife and Wataru his kid was great. It almost made me sorry for Maria a bit, in the new anime and just in general. The really surprising thing to me though was that at the end when Maria talked to Hayate it really seemed as if there was some serious discussion as to the real relationship Hayate has with Nagi First of all I don’t really expect that from this show….I’d like to see it, but have come to accept it probably won’t be there. However they seemed to fit it in anyways and not only that but it was in an episode that was mostly comedy.

5 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku – 44”

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Isumi. This episode was absolutely swimming with adorable moments from her.

  2. No, the Maria scene at the end owned all, although the fanservice shots were kinda fun (except Nagi’s Britney)… as was Meito Anizawa showing up.

  3. I was actually surprised when I saw Anisawa Meito and Nia. And there was a scene of some guy in red, back view. This particular guy has inu/neko ears, and I was thinking, is this…Inuyasha? This episode, arguably, is full of win.

  4. LOL if you also notice in the NIA scene, yoko is sleeping with her head down ^.^ the ‘britney’ manly version looks A LOT like the older brother from tengen toppa gurren lagaan…. btw its also a lucky star reference due to aniswawa meito looking exactly like the lucky star version.

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