Shakugan no Shana II – 18

Shana begins to notice an increasingly different behavior motivation in Yuji and wonders if it is good for him or not.


I would definitely say the most interesting part of this episode was the focus they had on Yuji’s changing behavior. I really really hope they continue to explore this because it really does mean something important. Some of the other things they have focused on don’t have that much lasting affect, but this is actual real character development, not just character back stories and facts. Yuji really seems to be changing and depending on how he changes it could rally affect things drastically later on.

Of course, not only was Yuji’s change pretty big but they now have this extremely weird and creepy old guy Tomogara. I’m wondering if he has soothing to do with the way people are acting. Yuji kind of sensed that something wasn’t quite right and perhaps he’s influencing people. Shana even seemed surprised at herself when she forgot to give the get well present, though that could be because she didn’t want to ask to go into the house after reprimanding Yuji, even without that Yuji noticed some things going on. Perhaps his attitude is influenced by him, maybe not. Either way they look important in the next episode.

After seeing this episode and noting how far they are in the story and how many episodes they have left, I’m really starting to wonder how much is actually going to be resolved and if there perhaps may be a third season somewhere down the road. They just keep piling thing sup and from my calculations they have only eight episodes. To deal with the weird old guy Tomogara that has appeared, Yuji’s changing personality, Yoshida’s story and hougo, the other Tomogaras, Sabrac, and the Silver….that’s a lot and I don’t see all of it being resolved in eight episodes. It might, but I’d almost think it would be better if there was a third season which is really weird to say because that means having this season conclude with no actual conclusion to the big picture. Still, it’s a thought in my head about how they’ll finish this season up and if there will be another.

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  1. Somehow I think it’d be weak if the tomogara was responsible for the behaviors. I think a lot of it is pretty natural. Shana was upset with Yuji and walked off without dropping it off. Not too big a surprise since shew as distracted. If we think what’s going on with Yuji is confusing just think about Yuji’s mind. Had to deal with being a torch, then a mystes, then find he has the Reiji Maigo, and now we’re dealing with Yohan being in there, and the silver as well. Its no wonder he’s in such a state right now.

    Really is trying to break the bonds he has as a human. Moving away from the Yuji he has tried so hard to be from right at the start when he called himself not just a torch. Not going with Shana because he thinks its right or that he cares about her, but because he thinks that’s what he has to do. Out there searching for power to get stronger and be able to fight. Will be interesting to see how Shana and others handle all of this.

    Looks like this enemy though will be troublesome. The fact he can’t be sensed could make him very dangerous. Flame Hazes won’t be able to follow him if he gets away. Could go around taking out humans especially the ones the main characters care about and they wouldn’t be able to track him until its too late. Curious about how the next episode will develop.

    Agree they need a third season now. Don’t know where the novels are at the moment. They wasted a lot of time early in this series and its coming to bite them now. Hopefully they don’t pull another anime original ending that has to be conveniently ‘forgotten, or misheard’ like last time.

  2. I’m pretty sure JCStaff will be going the same way they did with ZnT and prolonging the story for a 3rd season…milking series is the way to go? :S

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