KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 19

Mao confronts Kouichi after confessing to him and the two of them try and interact like nothing has happened, though they can’t forget their exchange.


This episode was pretty big. I was just captivated by the end. Even though that’s when they usually have huge story moments and progression, it seemed exceptionally big this time. The exchange between Mao and Kouichi was great. Even though it was for the movie they said that it wasn’t in the script so those were pretty much their real feelings. Not only was it emotional for Mao but Kouichi really meant what he was saying too it seemed and Hoshino definitely noticed something was up. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects things but sadly the way this show progresses things it won’t be made a big deal until the very end of the next episode. Still, it was pretty exciting.

I was a tad disappointed that they didn’t really give Futami a lot of important parts in this episode. Even though they did show her I the shower, you couldn’t see anything! Well…apart from that it still felt her part was lacking a bit even though there was the one scene with her. I was hoping more would happen. However, fro the preview it does seem like a large portion is focused on her and Kazuki. The downside though is that they just got to an extremely emotional and important part of Mao and Kouichi’s story and shifting the focus too much may seem weird. There really isn’t a good way around it, hopefully one story won’t suffer too much, but I’m definitely extremely anxious to find out how both of them progress and eventually end.

3 thoughts on “KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 19”

  1. …..and that’s when Yumi punched Mao in the face. Good end!

    Eriko FTW…the next episode should be a lot better than this Mao mess. :D

  2. There is something terribly beautiful about this whole episode. From the awkwardness between both Mao and Kouichi and Mao and Kai, to the pivotal moment when Mao breaks from the script and follows her heart. I truly felt the wistfulness and … matter-of-fact-ness(or maybe hopelessness) in her question, and then kouichi’s answer (which was raw and unrestrained) struck a chord in Kazuki … my heart feels a little bit battered after watching this episode, which hasn’t happened before. I almost think that I should stop watching it because how will it ever top this in terms of its raw emotional representations of the world of a young adult?

  3. I know that Mao broke from the script and said how she felt but I’m wasn’t sure what Kouichi was doing. Was it his real feelings he was saying to Mao, or was he improvising for the sake of the movie, or both?

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