Minor Site Updates – Character Profiles and EotW Pages

Well I’m just making this post to point out the change I made to the way I’m handling my site’s pages. The pages as in the individual pages that say stuff about what I’m watching, and have links to my figures. I’ve now put them in the header but have also added some new pages which I’ll point out here.

The big thing is that I’ve added a page featuring my character profiles. Well…Xeby’s profiles. One feature on the site that I don’t do as much of as I should or want to have been the character profile posts that Xeby does. Hopefully giving it its own page will force me to do them more, check it out to find out more about what they are. They really are one of my more favorite things to write and I do think add more originality and interest to the site so please check them out and I’ll probably do them more :D

I’ve added a header for the Episode of the Week feature of the site. It’s pretty much a running tally of how many times a show has won the Episode of the Week award.

I’ve also updated the About Me and This Site page since the first time after making this site as some of it was a tad outdated. Aside from that, not much, just a minor site update but hopefully this will put some more emphasis on the pages and force me to do more figure shoots and character profiles.

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