Shigofumi – More Dark and Deep Mind Quandries

I just had to do another post on this show because it is just captivating me. There are some episodes that aren’t as exiting or deep as the others, but just the existence of any of these episodes, like this one, makes this show amazing. I mean this show really deals with some real issues. The subjects and topics are extremely serious and dark. For the show to get me thinking about things this much it really has to be great. It’s effectively having me question how right or wrong murder is. That is a pretty big feat and this episode was along those lines.

It does seem like Fumika’s story is slowly moving along. I didn’t have a post for the previous episode because it wasn’t really that big. It progressed her story a bit but not by much and the letter part of it wasn’t that interesting. However little bits in episodes like that do seem to point towards her story just developing throughout the series. I am glad something like that turned up. While these individual stories are great, an overall encompassing one does make things a bit more interesting. It seems like from the preview we’ll see more of her wacko father.

One thought on “Shigofumi – More Dark and Deep Mind Quandries”

  1. This episode was a complete downer, leaving me with a feeling of hopelessness and despair, which very much goes with the theme of the episode. Though I didn’t particularly like this, I did find it powerfully moving. I just wonder how the school teachers and administrators could have been ignorant to the seemingly blatant abuse after all the trouble the school had already faced. I’m definitly intrigued and eager to learn more about Fumika, especially regarding creepy Bisho dad.

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