Hayate no Gotoku – 43

Nagi and Hayate go on a cruise on Sakuya’s ship and Nagi tries to be distant with Hayate so that he will chase her romantically instead of the other way around.


This episode was pretty good. Like the last episode it was pretty much just a normal stand alone episode, but for this show that really is fine. There isn’t too much they could do to tie things together overall. For an individual episode this was pretty good. The actual titanic part of it wasn’t so good as much as I found it very fun to see Nagi try and be distant with Hayate. That was defiantly fun to watch and seeing Nagi’s inner thoughts of screaming out that she wants to be closer to him was very fun to see. Then of course since I love Isumi more then is healthy, this episode was a big win with me too because of her appearance and just general inclusion. She really does make pretty much every episode she is in way way better. She needs to get her own spin-off show. I’d worship that for sure.

I thought the gundam masks were a really nice touch. The show really does the best job at breaking the fourth wall and shoving in parodies and cameos. It’s actually a bit too bad that there hasn’t been too terribly much of that. Not only is that here the show gets some of its best content but not too many other shows have content like that at all. I did really like the bit where Nagi asked Hayate to ask her why they were on the ship and the narrator told him to just ask so they could develop the story.

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  1. For the record, this episode was actually in the manga. Only, Hayate didn’t have to dance with the crushinater and the disco ball of unlucky death. It was fun to see that Hayate mentioned that he was gonna bleed horribly like he did in the manga ^^

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