Hayate no Gotoku – 42

Nagi tries to discover what Hayate’s weakness is, but has trouble finding any faults in him.


This episode was pretty good. It wasn’t really anything uniquely special but it was still fun. I think for the most part the majority of these episodes aren’t that special or unique, such as having extremely different set ups. However that’s a bit odd to say just because a “normal” episode for this show is no where near… normal. So even though this was just another stand alone isolated episode it was still very fun to watch. I thought this episode was better then some others. The topic of finding Hayate’s weakness was very fun.

I did find it hilarious when Wataru blurted out his confession to Isumi, but then said it was just a joke. Partially I liked that scene because as I’ve said I absolutely love Isumi to death so any scene involving her will be absolute win to me. I was a bit surprised though at part of this episode that focused on Wataru and Sakuya. There really seemed to be an actual series set up there, about only being three spots for grade skippers and Sakuya having to sit out. They kind of set up something like that to be interesting and it really had some potential but they didn’t rally go very far with it. It’s always possible that they come back to it, but with this show the way it is that’s not a big possibility. It’s a bit too bad because even though this show is great when it has the weird and random bits to it, a serious focus even on side characters and even if it wasn’t that vitally important overall could have been really interesting.

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