Episode of the Week – 02.15 – Clannad – 18

Episode of the Week:

Clannad – 18

This was a tough decision. Before Clannad aired I was going to give this to True Tears. Their revelation at the end of this week’s episode was huge and really changed a lot of things in the show and how things can progress. However I had to go with Clannad in the end. It actually made me tear up at a point and that there shows how much impact the episode had for me, as I didn’t tear up during True Tears and the big part only came at the end really, the choice ended up swaying in Clannad favor.

This episode of Clannad was incredible. As I said above I teared up at a certain point in the episode. Even though it turned out what I got emotional about wasn’t as serious as it could have been, for the show to do that really shows something I think. That mixed with the fact that this episode was essentially the end to two girl’s arcs at the same time, kind of three if you count Ryou and Kyou separately, that’s pretty damn big. A LOT of stuff happened in this episode. Tomoyo got some real extensive development, plus those three girls all pretty much realized they had no chance with Tomoya. That amounts to some pretty big things and paves the way for some really precise focus later on.

3 thoughts on “Episode of the Week – 02.15 – Clannad – 18”

  1. Clannad 18 has been my favorite episode in a while, so I’d agree with your decision. For me, the show has always been about Nagisa, and the other arcs were sadly tangential in a sense, so I’m personally pleased with where this is going. But of course, try explaining that to the Kyou and Tomoyo fanboys…

  2. Yeah no question this was a pretty big episode. Really shot down officially all the other girls to leave the rest of the series for Nagisa. Honestly that girl hasn’t been very high on my favourite list so pretty meh about how the series will probably be finishing up.

  3. I disagree and would probably give the nod to one of the new shows (True Tears 6 maybe or Shigofumi 5). I’d probably go with Shana 17 over this episode too and possibly Rental Magica 18 as well. Something about Clannad 18 just didn’t sit right with me. There wasn’t one particular thing, just something I’m struggling to pin down.

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