Clannad – 18

Tomoya is suspended for taking the blame from the mishap Tomoyo caused, causing her and the other girls to try and care for him.


Wow…this episode was amazing. It had so many different things going on it was really surprising. They still seem to have been doing Kyou and Tomoyo’s arcs at the same time and in fact seem to have actually finished them. I thought the end of this episode was huge. When Nagisa introduced herself to Tomoyo as the drama club president she pretty much figured it out and gave up on the guy, then Kyou and Ryou both seeing Tomoya and Nagisa together like that gave up themselves. Hell they even cried about it. I thought it was pretty big for the two arcs to end at the same time pretty much because they were smart enough o figure out ON THEIR OWN that the guy likes someone else even if he hasn’t figured it out. It is really quite refreshing to see the girls realize the guy’s feelings on their own and not have to get directly rejected.

Tomoyo’s arc was certainly amazing. Kyou and Ryou’s arc didn’t really get that much focus, they just kind of gave up. There wasn’t actually much drama or anything but with Tomoyo they actually explained her past. Her story was simply amazing. I actually teared up when she talked about how her brother jumped. I thought it meant he died at the time and even though he didn’t it still turned out to be an amazing story.

Even though this episode had some really big important parts I did find the whole food segment hilarious. I was a bit surprised when I thought about it that I found the segment so hilarious. It’s not like it’s a super unique concept. Dozens and dozens of other anime have the same situation yet they really seemed to do this one really well as it was really great.

I do have to say that I am definitely finding Fuuko’s appearance annoying. I didn’t really say anything the last episode she appeared even though at that point it was annoying as well; I just thought it wasn’t really that bad. However after this episode it defiantly seemed to get in the way. I just hope they don’ have too many more of the appearances.

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  1. Heh, I’m surprised by how many people took the food segment seriously. I was cracking up as soon as Kyou and Ryou showed up with Botan. Which is why I expected Fuuko all along: how else to emphasize a comical scene.

    Because, in the end, their attentions with Tomoya are indeed futile, which makes it comical in a rather bleak way.

  2. They notice now they can’t compete against Nagisa, so giving up is probably the best choice. As for the Tomoyo(Why are their names so similar?!) arc, the mention of her brother was very tearjerking. What an amazing way to do two arcs at the same time, I congratulate KyoAni on doing such a good job.

  3. Well at least its convenient for Tomoya and Nagisa. The other characters get broken up about the whole thing, but the pair can merrily go on their way oblivious. Sadly you knew it was coming from very early on. So could only have sympathy for the girls as the series went along. Maybe would have been kinder to just do Fuuko (since hers wasn’t romantic, Kotomi (managed to make it about friends without much romantic aspect) and just let that be that.

    Yeah really enough of the Fuuko stuff. Her being forgotten was a pretty powerful time in the series. But now it’s “your familiar” and its more annoying than anything. Just let her character fade away. If you want her back in wait until she wakes up for real.

    Makes sense they wanted to kill off those two arcs pretty quickly. Wanting to deal with the weird robot and girl stuff and also the Nagisa arc.

  4. I really can’t judge this episode till I see how the rest of the series goes. Right now it seems like they rushed through two story lines, but this will be less obnoxious if the remaining episodes are very good. However if the episodes are filler-ish then I will be skeptical on this decision. For now this episode gets an I (Incomplete).

  5. Unfortunately for those three girls, the anime pretty much showed the whole thing concerning about their arcs in the game, so don’t get your hopes up for any more stuff concerning them. It’s simply because their arcs depend way too heavily on romance theme, which simply has no place for this series. You know what I mean when you see the title “CLANNAD”.

    I found the impact on what Tomoyo’s brother did is much less than in the game. In the game, Takafumi actually threw himself into the incoming car. I doubt that throwing yourself off the bridge with a lake under it would seriously injure him unless the water below was very shallow.

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