Rosario + Vampire – 05

Tsukune and Moka try and find a club to join and Tsukune learns of Moka’s weakness.


This was…interesting. As I’ve sad before I don’t really expect this show to be that super amazing. It’s rather lowbrow but still its fun to watch. This episode seemed to be pretty full of ecchi=ness, more then previous episodes which is actually saying quite a bit. Although, considering it was a swimsuit episode that’s kind of a given. However since I’m pretty much expecting it to be rather low brow it was fun to watch just as an individual episode.

I did find the whole water weakness to be pretty interesting. I haven’t really heard of normal water being a vampire’s weakness in many other vampire lore, but it did add an interesting twist. Although I doubt it will be the focus of the episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought up this topic again, maybe being caught somewhere together when it’s raining. The other thing I really liked about this episode was that it did start becoming a bit more serious. They had some real focus on Tsukune knot understanding Moka, the vampire Moka saying how Tsukune isn’t fit to be with her and how the other Moka was crying. Although they seemed to diminish that importance when Tsukune talked to Moka again, it was hopefully pointing towards things being interesting like this later on, otherwise the show will definitely remain rather….eh.

5 thoughts on “Rosario + Vampire – 05”

  1. Since she’s a vampire maybe she bathes in blood :D. But really not sure if they would even bother trying to figure that out.

    Don’t mess with mermaids is a good lesson to be learned. Probably not one of the major hazards of swimming you would think of at first.

    But could have a more interesting aspect with misunderstandings and not considering how the other is feeling.

  2. Am I the only one that though this ep shared a LOT of similarities to Eiken?
    Albeit not being as bad as that, ofcourse.

  3. Hmmm The mermaid would’ve been hawt until she showed her HUGE GAPING MOUTH OF TEETH.
    pantsu/fan-service episode. but not too bad

    at least mizore is coming up soon we have that too look forward too…amirite?

  4. I haven’t seen any episodes of Rosario Vampire but I’ve read the manga. I thought it was good. I don’t think it sucks, but I can’t say it rocks because I’ve only read the first book.

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