True Tears – 06

Noe’s brother asks Hiromi out on a date, as per Shin’s request and informs Hiromi that Shin and Noe are going to be going out.


Wow…this was a pretty damn big episode. There was drama going on all throughout with pretty much every character, that tied with the freaking huge revelation that Hiromi is probably Shin’s sister is immense. I pretty much suspected the reason Hiromi’s mother disliked her is because her mother had an affair with her husband but I still didn’t really think they would end up being siblings. It just seemed like too big of a thing to happen. I mean, it’s a pretty damn serious topic to have blood related people have romance and few anime have done it. Now, although they say that there’s a “chance” that they are related I’m having trouble believing they would give us this huge possibility that will cause all sorts of interesting and complex situations only to reveal in the end they weren’t actually related. It seems to be that the more realistic and better thing for the show is if they do in fact stick with their attempted claim that they are related. Now, what’s going to happen as a result form this I don’t know. It’s obvious Hiromi likes Shin and the other way around but the sibling thing is something hard to get past, at least something not easily looked over especially for a show that is this well done.

It doesn’t really feel like they are giving Ai much development. They gave her a rather big cliffhanger form last episode with her little burst that showed she cared for Shin but they kind of dismissed that, only later going on to have her kind of tell Shin’s friend she doesn’t like him, she likes Shin. However even despite the set up from last episode the focus still stayed on Hiromi and Noe. It definitely looks as if she’s going to be pushed off to the side. Noe and Hiromi’s stories defiantly see to be more intertwined. It seems like they’ll conclude Ai and then conclude Hiromi and Noe at the same time. It’s a bit of a shame but I pretty much guessed that Ai had no chance of “winning.”

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  1. I really like where this series is headed. It kind of sucks that Ai isn’t going to be getting as big a slice of the pie as Hiromi or Noe, since Shin has a bit more of a history with her than with Noe, but less than Hiromi. Poor Miyokichi too cuz he’s a real nice guy. It totally sucks to find out that the person you’re going out with likes somebody else (*ahem* not from personal experience, but I’ve seen firsthand what it can do to two best friends). Maybe this will all somehow develop into siscon relationship x2 lol

  2. Well, it looks like Hiromi really does like Shin but knows she can’t get close to him because of the possiblity that she’s his sister. That aside, I think this might end on a Noe ending, don’t ask why, I just have a feeling.

  3. This was a big episode and my own guess that “blood relations” would become an issue proved true. Now the question is whether it ultimately proves to be actual fact or just misunderstandings or hurtful lies. I am waiting for Shin’s dad to poke his head up from the paper to clear this all up before it’s all said and done.

    Still, the rift it will create between Shin and Hiromi will be inescapable, and perhaps irreparable. Shin suddenly knows why Hiromi has been so distant, and gets a big slap in the face regarding his own feelings for her. I have no idea if it will prove to be true, most signs seem to point to yes, but I wonder if in the end true or false will make and difference.

    I’m wondering how the Jun/Noe relationship will work out too. The sub had him referring to “his” grandmother and father and such, wonder if that is a hint that perhaps Noe isn’t his blood relation. Might be over analyzing though.

    I was happy to see Ai start to be honest with Miyukichi, even if still vaguely. I like the both of them and really hope they work out as she was never in the real running for Shin anyways.

    Gotta love Noe dancing with Shin’s belt on at the end, her total innocence regarding her own feelings for Shin is just too cute and endearing.

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