Clannad – 17

Tomoyo continues to spend time with Tomoya and Kyou tries to get Tomoya herself so he’ll spend time with Ryou.


This episode was pretty interesting. As they kind of showed last episode, they really seem like they are mixing the Kyou and Tomoyo arcs together, doing them at the same time. I’m not really sure what to think of that, as it has its ups and downs. Of course one downside is that if they do them both at the same time they won’t get as much individual focus and it won’t be as in depth for either of them, however it does cut down on time for the main arc, which is obviously going to be Nagisa. I just hope that near the end of this joint arc they at least focus on one girl at a time for the conclusions.

I’m not too sure about what to think regarding the storage locker incident. On one hand it was pretty funny, the charm leading up to it and then the misunderstanding but it really seemed to be weird the way they mixed the comedy part of it with some rather serious parts such as Kyou asking if Tomoya knew the reason she was making him eat lunch with Ryou and so on. It just seems like any of the serious parts that they had were dismissed because of the comedic part of it. It was till very funny, but the serious parts didn’t seem to work out too well.

I really love Tomoyo’s character. They never really included her until recently so before now her character didn’t’ really stand out as much pretty much because we didn’t’ know anything about her. However now that she is involved a lot more I’m really liking her. It’s a shame that Tomoya won’t end up with her since she is a great character, but of course he has to end up with Nagisa. Still, right now I’m not sure what her actual arc will be about. Though as I said above they seem to be mixing it and doing it at the same time as Kyou’s arc, I’m uncertain as to what her arc will e about. Perhaps it will have something to do with why she transferred, as they kind of mentioned in the preview.

2 thoughts on “Clannad – 17”

  1. They’re mixing Kyou’s and Tomoyo’s arcs desu ne…
    Both of them deserve more episodes..(not Fuuko and Kotomi)

    Yea, Tomoyo is becoming one of my favorites recently..
    This episode shows why I like her..
    But, Kyou is still the best…

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