D. Gray-Man – 69

Bak forces Allen to run away with everyone else while Fou tries to fight off the level three on her own.


This episode was pretty good. It had a lot of serious parts to it that were great to see, and finally something actually happened. I complained about the last episode where nothing really at all happened, but here at least something did. It looks like the next episode will continue on with this momentum too, as facing a level three with the main character who has been going though drama bout getting motivation for 5 episodes or so hopefully will end up amounting to something interesting.

I’m curious as to what the hell the ark that the Akuma kept talking about actually is. They never really explained it at all they just kind of used it as a cheat in order to explain how they did things that they perhaps weren’t supposed to be able to do easily. It had some number on one of the crystals that they didn’t explain either, they showed the number when the Akuma first appeared as well at the end of one of the episodes. Really right now it’s more or less a cheat to explain things; hopefully it will end up meaning much more as something that important probably will.

I’m really excited for the next episode was well. Partially because this episode, like most, had a big cliffhanger. However it seems like the next episode will finally feature Allen’s new/restored arm and weapon. As shown in the OP it is a bit different, but seems to appear along with that weird fur coat mask/crown thing. They don’t show the weapon in the preview but they show Allen with the fur thing that comes along with the crown/mask so hopefully the weapon will come as well.

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  1. Well the ark should have an interesting explanation I’m hoping. I mean an ark that the Noah’s use to get around, ‘Noah’s Ark’. Still uncertain how it transports akuma around, but its pretty powerful if it can negate the defense around the Asian Branch.

    In a sense we’re already seeing Allen’s weapon. Saying himself that he is an anti-akuma weapon. That level three clearly was bothered by the attack Allen used to get that guy off Fou. Should be interesting of course to see him in action. They have foreshadowed this thing long before he even lost the arm in the first place so should be good.

    Am worried about Fou. She was really hurt out there. Then that head shot, hopefully Allen has made it in time to finally save someone he wants to help. Could see the bond that was forged during the training and that episode when she got him recharged to keep working. Wasn’t just going to leave her to her death.

    Solid episode and next week should be something to see.

  2. We even got treated with Fou (impersonating as Allen) fighting off the Akuma, which that sequence alone never happened at all in the manga.

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