KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 17

Mao tries to go on beign with Kai but struggles due to her feelings for Kouichi.


This episode was pretty good. It has more or less followed the path of all the other episodes in having one really exciting thing happen at the end of the episode while hter rest of the episode is rather tame in comparison. Still, its not as though this makes the show bad, as it was pretty interesting. It seemed almost werid, thoughout a large portion its not htat nothing excieng happened but nothing at all happened. It kind of just showcased everyone’s feelings, showing brief shots of them, including pretty much everyone, Kai, Mao, Kouichi, Hoshino, Kazuki, Sakino, and Futami. The show seems to be at the point where everything has been built up enough. More building up wont really help so hopefully we’ll see the things they kind of summarized in this episode really explode soon.

It looks like next episode will defiantly continue from the rather big event this episode of Mao braking up with Kai. I’m just wondering how much this will affect Kouichi right away. Its nearing the ne dof summer, so Hoshino will have to leave soon, however Kouichi promised to still be with her so it will defiantly be filled with drama when/if Mao does something. I aaid before that for anything really interesting to happen in regards to Mao and Kouichi she had to break up with Kai first and since that has happened it has effectively opened the gates for some more interesting thigns to happen now. I just hope that they do indeed happen now, as this show doen’t seem to concerned with moving at that fast of a pace, it really has been rather slow and I just hope that is remedied a bit when it gets further along.

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  1. Well an important step in breaking things off with Kai. Really it had to happen sooner or later. She had just been using him to try and forget about Kouichi and distance herself. Hoping that her feelings would just change. Really is too bad since Kai did care about her and will just be hurt overall. Well at least he’ll become a great Blues player since sad events like that are great for that style of music.

    I’m sure she’ll have to tell Kouichi sooner or later now about her feelings. Hard to say how he will react and deal with it. After all he’s been thinking about Mao for a few episodes now. But also has in his mind to treasure Yuumi and make a long distance relationship work when the time comes.

    Rough spot for the triangle. Kazuki as expected has just been depressed lately. Missing practice for 3 days and not being quite on his game when he did come back. He really did care about Eriko and wanted to use the experiments to just get closer to her a step at a time. His view on her being lonely was clearly on since we can see her just sitting in that room alone. Asuka feels really guilty after seeing the repercussions of her actions. She said it because she cared about Kazuki, but the result is the same.

    Not sure if the pacing is going to change since they have really just taken their time along the way. Still looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

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