True Tears – 05


Shin tries to figure out what to do about Noe’s brother’s proposal of him asking Noe out.


This episode was pretty good. Like all of the episodes it had a lot of great things about it, however it kind of felt like they didn’t have as much as they could have. I was expecting a bit more from this episode then they had. Most of the episodes so far have been pretty much setting up the situation, and while interesting, not too incredibly mind blowing. Still, that doesn’t mean its bad, I just hope for the pace to pick up a bit soon.


I was really rather confuse at the conversation Shin had with Hiromi in her room. First of all they played it twice and I was pretty confused at that, I checked to make sure I didn’t accidentally hit a button on my computer or something and go back. Although the second time had the thoughts of Hiromi. Still, I was also just confused about her reaction. I know she wouldn’t really be thrilled, especially if its true that she did just make that up but it still seemed like a kind of weird reaction even if it was her being mad at Shin just accepting the fact she was going to be with someone else.


I’m really interested now in the next episode, just from the cliffhanger at the end with Ai. She’s definitely gotten the least about of development between the three girls and she kind of had a little burst there at the end. She obviously likes Shin and I do think she’s more or less technically going out with the other guy even though it’s not what she really wants. For her to stop him from opening the door though was pretty big, finally actually doing something. I just hope they actually take this opportunity they set up and have some good development next episode, because stand alone it isn’t too terribly much and easy to shrug off.

3 thoughts on “True Tears – 05”

  1. things are definitely developing quite fast, and im really interested in how things will turn out with the dating deal at the moment

  2. I am a bit put off by Hiromi’s anger towards Shin. Yes, his meddling is annoying I’m sure, but she should realize this all comes from what she said about liking Noe’s brother. Though it seems more and more like she said it simply to shut up her friend, and didn’t mean it in truth, the fact Shin heard and is treating it as true is on her. Though I think there is probably something big preventing her from saying the truth about her feelings (Koi Kaze perhaps?) she should realize Shin is just trying to show his feelings for her in another way since he thinks he’s out of the game.

    Still, loved the episode, and I liked seeing the same scene from two perspectives. It really helped provide more understanding of Hiromi’s feelings I think. There are still a lot of questions and nothing is truly clear yet, but I enjoying each and every episode.

  3. oh what does Koi Kaze mean?

    Yeah the double-play of the conversation between Shin and Hiromi confused me too…at first I thought it was some error too…but then I think hearing Hiromi’s voice, I thought it was a flashback or something…

    I still enjoyed watching it though^^

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