Shigofumi – Yuri-ness & A Fumika Story Developing

Well I said I would do more occasional posts on this show since it is one of the better shows I’ve only done quick posts like this for, so here it is. It seems that the show is moving a bit beyond what I originally thought it would be. It seems like there aren’t really clear arcs, as the first two episodes were one story but episode 3 and 4 were stand alone in the individual story alone. I wasn’t a huge fan of the third episode, but I did find this episode pretty good if nothing else because of the yuri-ness.

The one thing that really interests me however is that they see to be developing a continuing story over what the hell the deal is with Fumika. The guy from the third episode recognized her and not only that but that same guy had a brief scene in this episode even though he wasn’t part of the letter story. The issue was still addressed and it looks like it will be a continuous topic. It pretty much seems like she is alive when other Shigofumi Deliverers are dead, which is defiantly something they are going to have to explain, I’m just wondering now how much of that story will be played out bit by bit though other stories or if and when it will get its own real focus.

One thought on “Shigofumi – Yuri-ness & A Fumika Story Developing”

  1. My guess on Fumika, and it’s pretty early to be sure, is that her odd situation as a delivery person is due to her perhaps being in a coma? Perhaps she is “between” living and dead and thus a special exception? I definitely think that Fumika herself will be the primary story that arcs throughout the series.

    I thought this was an ok episode, it was nice to have one end without anyone new dying and with a rather happy ending. The yuri-ness as nice, but I found it odd and somewhat refreshing that it was handled as it was. It wasn’t there for fanservice or anything salacious, and didn’t actually figure into the story at all. The girls just simply really liked each other and that was left at that. Kind of a progressive position and not all that common for anime.

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