Shakugan no Shana II – 16

Everyone discusses their current situation and what to do while Yoshida wrestles with what to do now that she has been given a Hougo by Pheles.


This episode was pretty good. Of course it’s nothing like last episode, but I didn’t’ really expect it to be as that was quite the episode. Still, this episode was pretty interesting. It really seemed to pretty much reiterate the fact that everyone is completely screwed and they are in the middle of just so many things. I really actually laughed out loud at a part in this episode that wasn’t rally funny. When Wilhelm said that they wouldn’t have sent Hecate just to seal the Reiji Maigo, that there was something else beyond everything they knew I actually laughed saying “Of course, because we don’t have enough going on right now.” They really are just piling on the problems.

I was just absolutely shocked at the information they gave on Yoshida. I always viewed her as a rather useless character and more so in the way that she didn’t actually contribute to fights or information. It just seemed hopeless for her, Shana is the main character there’s no way Yuji will end up with Yoshida, since they’ve gotten closer and are busy with other things she cant really play the role of making Shana jealous. They actually did a good job of resolving that between the two of them so it’s not like she really could play the same role she used to. Really, she can’t do much. But if she were to kill herself in order to save Yuji, holy shit that would be big. I mean…I love Yoshida. She’s a sweet girl and character and I don’t hate her but I would love to see her kill herself to save Yuji. It would make this show SO SO SOOO much more interesting and deep. Having a character like that always feeling she can’t do that much give her life to save the life of someone she loves but knows she probably can’t be with… that’s huge. Now, that being said, I don’t think it will happen. Even if she uses the Hougo she probably won’t die. They’ll find someway around it, but still just the set up is pretty interesting.

I’m really looking forward to next episode. Even though it doesn’t seem like it will be the kind to have a lot of action like 13 and 15, I’m rally interested in the focus it seems they will be putting on Satou and Tanaka. I always thought the two of them had a lot of potential to be really interesting but they never really took off with them, they never spent a lot of time developing them, which was always a bit of a shame. However it seems like they’ll finally get some good screen time. I’d guess that Tanaka kind of wants to quit being involved with all of this. Ignorance is bliss in a way, realizing how horrible it can be and now that he’s getting closer with Oga he has more to loose. Satou, who has nothing, obviously wants to be involved and for more power. It just seems like an interesting situation that I hope they make good use of.

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  1. Agree it was quite the shock to find out about that Hougu. Had been curious about its function and what kind of trouble it might cause. But wow pretty much a suicide move there. Have to say it really shows how little Pheles cares about human life or frankly anything not called Johan. She gives that to Kazumi so she can be summoned and save Johan in an emergency. Seeing Kazumi’s life as being worthless and as much a tool for Pheles as the Hougu is.

    Still don’t think Kazumi will use it and get killed, but who knows? Not like there is much else she can do in order to get Yuji’s attention. She has already spelled out how she feels about him even if he hasn’t responded a ton in return.

    Finally Yuji is going to try and do something more than screaming. Know he’s been dealing with a lot, but can finally fulfill what he said to Shana a few episodes ago that he would fight. If Bal Masque is going to come to get rid of the container for the Reiji Maigo then he’ll need to get serious. Am I the only one who finds it funny they ignore that Blutsauger was left behind at the end of last season and there was never an opportunity to pick it up?

    Should be something to see with Tanaka and Satou getting some attention. Seeing how two friends are already moving in very different directions. Tanaka has seen what can happen to those he cares about and wants to stay away from the fights. Satou on the other hand still wants to stay near Margery and I don’t think has given up on the idea to become a Flame Haze.

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