Episode of the Week – 02.01 – Shakugan no Shana II – 15

Episode of the Week:

Shakugan no Shana II – 15

This week had a lot of great episodes. Unlike last week where the choice was hard because of lack of good episodes, this had plenty. It makes me wish one of these would have been last week so it would have meant little more. However even though this week was abundant with good choices it wasn’t a hard decision at all as this episode just leaped off the screen at me.

This episode joins the ranks of episode 13, which also won an episode of the week award. Like 13 this episode was just packed with action and intensity. Not only did it have action in terms of fight scenes but so much plot was going on it was insane. It was everywhere, around every corner some new plot twist was revealed, things made more mysterious, and things that made the overall situation deeper and deeper. However even though a ton of new information was released and plot devices actually happening (trying not to spoil anything, check the Shana post for more) it more or less just added on more mystery. It didn’t clarify things, but make things more deep, complex, and interesting.

2 thoughts on “Episode of the Week – 02.01 – Shakugan no Shana II – 15”

  1. This was really an easy call for me. Might have been a bit tougher if Spice and Wolf #4 was in the blog, but since it wasn’t Shana easily won out for me.

    It really was such a huge episode with a lot happening non-stop till the end. Not only things you may have expected, but appearances from characters long hidden away to the emotional struggles for the main characters.

    Left a pretty big impact and like 13 an episode that will leave repercussions for many. With these last few episodes it really seems that Shana has found its stride and should be a good contender most weeks until it is over.

  2. I have not seen Clannad 16 or the aforementioned Spice and Wolf 4, but of the episodes I did see I would agree with this choice. Looks like Shana 2 is finally hitting the mark. I am glad I decided to stick with this show, which was a challenge considering some of the early episodes.

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