D. Gray-Man – 68

Allen continues to train with Fou in order to fully activate his Innocence but is continually interrupted at his eyes constant interference.


This episode was alright, however even though it is offering some slight new bits of information such as what’s causing his Innocence to glow and his motivation I almost just couldn’t get past the fact that nothing really progressed. The end was great as it was a huge cliffhanger, a strong level three Akuma appearing when Allen can’t really fight and Fou is almost seemingly taken out instantly, very exciting, however everything leading up to that has pretty much been the same damn thing we’ve scene. He seems to fight, get no progress, get motivation to do it, fights, doesn’t make progress, and so on. I’m glad it finally got to this episode as I don’t’ think anything would happen until some big event like this but I guess a majority of this episode was wasted on me almost because this kind of big event should have come a little sooner. Still, now that it is I’m glad, but it still left this episode with mostly nothing except a set up for next episode. I was glad to see some inclusion of the Mana Skull as I’ll call it, as I think the weird skull thing they’ve shown before is tied to Mana. It didn’t really tell us much, but I’ve always wondered about that and perhaps this signifies a bigger inclusion.

The preview for the next episode was definitely a big tease. One of the biggest “Omg what the fuck is that and how did that happen” moments. Although, after I thought about it it’s probably not as big of a thing then I though it was. When it showed Allen turn both his arms into Fou like weapons I freaked out think he somehow absorbed her or was given power by her but its probably just Fou disguising herself as Allen in the first place. Anyways, was a bit of a shock at first. Hopefully they move a bit faster in the next episode as it seems like Allen has been doing absolutely nothing for a long time. He definitely needs some progress or I’ll start to get really frustrated with the show.

4 thoughts on “D. Gray-Man – 68”

  1. Xebek, you’re not alone.

    I as well felt slightly disappointed and vexed for this episode.

    Not only was weak in contrast to last week’s episode, but also I felt it to be more like a continuation of episode 66, the one when Fou disguised herself as Lou Fa in order to motivate Allen.

    I was fearing the animation staff would outstretch the original stuff for the anime in order to slow down the pacing.
    The filler stuff to me was OK and good in the previous two episodes, but unwelcomed in this one.

    If you like, you can read my comments for this episode here:

    Be my guest whenever you feel like to and have some time to spare.

  2. Yeah seemed like they just used this one to kill a lot of time instead of getting it going. At the end of the previous episode your hyped up for some great fight and instead not a lot happens.

    Admitting that damn it was pretty crazy to have that guy come out of Fou like that. Don’t even want to imagine the pain there for her. But she is in a sense the gate and anything coming in would go through her literally. Stupid Akuma and their box that can take them just about anywhere.

    Agree that it is probably Fou that transforms into Allen to distract that guy. Unless he can hurry up and reform his innocence right now. Even then its not like taking down a level 3 is an easy accomplishment.

    Pretty worried about Fou and really can’t wait for next week to see what happens.

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