True Tears – 04


Hiromi explains to Shin her feelings for Noe’s brother and Shin tries to put up a fake front showing he’s fine with everything, causing him to hurt inside.


I’m really impressed with this series so far. It’s got so many things going for it and it really is one of the best romance series I’ve seen in a long time. So many things are going on, so many characters with different feelings and motivation. I found this episode to show that Noe’s brother may have more going for him then just being her brother. The way he was putting on her helmet struck me as a bit odd and him pushing someone to go out with her, I don’t know but I think we’ll see a bit more from him. It will be interesting to see what develops from this request, as Noe isn’t exactly the most….normal person there is. Plus Shin’s pretty much said to himself and to Noe that he likes Hiromi. There are so many things going on, it really makes each episode extremely interesting to watch and this was no exception.

One of the really interesting points this show has going for it is this continual metaphor for tears. They haven’t completely established it as a metaphor, since Noe is so weird she may actually be talking about collecting physical tears, but it doesn’t seem likely. All this talk about giving your tears to someone close to you, which kind of means only “True Tears” come from some emotion caused by someone close. Then receiving someone else’s tears so you can cry, it’s really cryptic and it’s not clear what the metaphor really means because it’s continually being referred to like its real. It’s not really something they are going to spell out either. Right now it’s a bit too early in the series to see how it will affect things, but I think the metaphor for giving away tears and so forth is pretty interesting.

I said this last post but this episode made me even more curious. I want to know what the hell is up with Shin’s mom and Hiromi and Hiromi’s mother. They’ve shown from episode one pretty much that Shin’s mom doesn’t really like Hiromi for some reason. Then in this episode they had that comment about Hiromi’s eyes being like her mothers, Shin’s mom saying this rather hatefully. Then, yet another piece to the puzzle they show in the preview what is likely to be a picture of Hiromi’s parents and Shin’s parents, as they said something about them knowing each other, yet Hiromi’s mother’s face was cut out. Obviously something happened in the past between the two mothers and it’s caused for the hate to go towards Hiromi again. I mean, in the preview Shin’s mom said how she didn’t want Hiromi walking together with Shin outside, she really hates Hiromi and there has to

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  1. I’m starting to suspect an affair or something is involved with Hiromi. Shin’s mother is very cool to Hiromi, while the father seems very friendly with her. An affair would explain why Hiromi is treated so poorly.

  2. I don’t think its Hiromi who’s involved in the affair, but her mother. That’s why she’s cut out of the picture in the preview. It would also explain the hatred, if Shin’s mother hated Hiromi’s mom its likely she wouldn’t like Hiromi either.

  3. Clearly something happened with Hiromi’s mother and Shin’s mother. Seems like the group would have been close in the past but something major happened. Though very little can begin to absolve that women of the poor treatment of someone who has been brought into her family. Her son doesn’t want much to do with her and her husband clearly isn’t jumping for joy at her hating. Questions of maybe Hiromi’s mother marrying a guy that Shin’s mother liked or something.

    Noe really is an interesting character. Going to drown Shin since his tears weren’t good at the moment :). Even the artistic imagery of her being an angel. At least she figured out that food isn’t too good so going to find some better ‘feed’ for Shin :). At least we found out what happened and that the passing of her Grandmother. Even her willingness to help Shin get closer to Hiromi.

    Something a bit odd with #4 that’s for sure. The helmet thing just gives you a weird feeling there.

    And who knew that Hiromi was actually able to laugh?

  4. Yeah…that picture with the head cut out interested me too…so it was Hiromi’s mother…hmm perhaps Hirmoi’s mother had an affair with Shin’s father?…but then his father doesn’t seem to be that involved with it…yeah that scene where Hiromi laughed was nice…it was nice to see her happy for a change^^

  5. I think I’m beginning to understand what Noe means by you can only give your tears to someone close to you…I’m beginning to see the truth in it I think^^

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