Da Capo II – 13 [Final]

All of the students at school boycott going to class in support of Minatsu when they learn that she is going to be expelled.


This was a pretty good episode. Just looking at this individual episode, not the series as a whole (which I’ll do below in Final Words) this was good. I thought that they ended up doing Minatsu’s arc very well. They neglected some others and the ones they did focus on weren’t the best, but in the end I did like the conclusion of Minatsu’s arc. I thought it was rather sweet the way it ended, showing how much everyone cared for her. I’m kind of glad she did in fact get expelled because it’s a bit more realistic. Even so, it wasn’t a stretch to say they would do something like the ceremony they did in fact do, which is what mattered in the end. It really was a good end to her arc.

I was a bit disappointed that Koko didn’t get some more closure. This episode really as completely focused on Minatsu, which isn’t bad by itself but Koko never did get a real good end. She broke up with Yoshiyuki and all but I was hoping for more closure in the sense they really talked between the two of them about being friends again or at least show that they returned to being friends more. Playing in the band didn’t really show that.

Final Words:

I have to say first off that for those of you who don’t know, there is a second season. The news of the second season coming up definitely improved my views on this show, because this season kind of got rid of two arcs so they could focus on the one that matters, but more on that latter.

This series seemed to be pretty much like most harem anime. It was very similar to the first Da Capo but with the difference that he was going out with someone from the begging. Although he didn’t end up staying with her it still added a bit of a twist that some of these series don’t have. Still, it’s not something that elevated it to another genre but for the most part I don’t really care. As far as it falling into the genre of being harem I don’t really have a problem. I like watching series in those genres even if they don’t turn out to be the best. They’re fun to watch. This series did a good job on several characters feelings and emotions, such as Minatsu. The whole complex of hating humans and then growing really showed character development. Not character inclusion, being shown a lot, or learning a lot about her, she actually changed as a character and that was pretty interesting to see.

However this series really wasn’t anything too great. Although I still enjoyed it, it defiantly wasn’t something spectacular. The main flaw it suffered form however is one that is kind of fixed if you really include the coming season as part of this whole big series. The thing I disliked bout this series the most was that there was no general conclusion. He broke up with Koko and he didn’t end up with the other girl focused on, Minatsu, they just concluded her story. However while that is bad for this season, seeing as how nothing really happened, its good news for the next season because it pretty much knocks two girls out from needing to be focused on. I’m sure they’ll still be in the series but as far as getting an arc or a lot of series attention, they’re out. That’s a good thing because it means they can spend the rest of the time focusing on who he will end up with. They wont’ have to split the attention between all those girls, now with this season’s actions they’ll have to split the attention between two less girls pretty much, which is something I’m looking forward to. Overall this series was ok; however it wasn’t anything special at all. As far as an individual series it didn’t do too well due to lack of conclusion but taking into consideration the second season it was a good set up.

As far as any theories for the second season, I’m not sure. It seems as if the girls left are Yume, Otome, and Nanaka. I’m kind of guessing Koko’s two friends were options in the game but they probably didn’t have a full arc, and definitely wouldn’t be possibilities here. I’m kind of hoping for Nanaka, but as I saw someone say Shirakawas don’t have very much luck ending up with the guy in series whose name begins with “Da Capo” however with two sister characters it will be interesting. When I first saw the episode I would have guessed Yume to be the main contender, as she’s young like Nemu, however I hear that Otome is kind of considered the main heroine of Da Capo II, so we’ll see.

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