Shakugan no Shana II – 15

Everyone reacts to the silver arm and head coming out of Yuji’s chest and the sudden appearance of Konoe who is able to move inside the fuzetsu.


Now THAT’s a Shana episode. My god, this kind of goes along with episode 13 in being a major episode. Although they had an episode in between where things were calm, they just exploded with plot and excitement with this episode. It wasn’t just that this episode was exciting and action packed, it really changed….almost everything about what we know about the plot and how things are going. Konoe is absorbed into Hecate, Yuji turns into Johan and then back, we see the special order of Tomogara (I forget their special organization name) is tied in with The Silver somehow, studying him or trying to brig him back, Yuji was stabbed through the chest and Reiji Maigo was sealed or something…. It was just huge.

I’m rather uncertain of what’s going to happen in the show now. They have the big name Tomogara to deal with still which everyone seems to have a personal past with, Wilhelm with the three eyed woman, Margery with Metamorphous, and Shan with Hecate kind of. Not only that but they aren’t just some enemy that’s out there, they’re tied in to the silver thing, the Reiji Maigo mystery and pretty much everything else. Really looking at this episode it didn’t give us any answers just more and more questions, which is great for making the show interesting and engaging.

I’m curious as to what’s going to happen with Yoshida now. The preview said, and it kind of showed at the end of this episode, that she got a Hougo from Pheles. However, unless I’m missing something, she already had one. I thought a Hougo was kind of a magical item and since she was able to move in the fuzetsu she had something like that from the giant pole guy… I should remember his real name. Anyways, a mystes is someone with a hougo inside them; perhaps what she got from Pheles will allow her to become a mystes which would make it so she wouldn’t grow old when Yuji didn’t. All of those possibilities seem to be here now so it will be interesting to see what happens. ON a smaller note, it seems as if they aren’t done with Tanaka, as they showed him kind of freaking out just from the fact a fuzetsu was going so perhaps they’ll show some drama for him later on in the series as well.

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  1. Really was one heck of a Shana episode. Just so much going on. Emotions charged all over the place with huge bits of information jumping out left and right. Half of it coming out of Yuji it seems who has become a guy with way too much stuff inside of him.

    Who would have guessed Bal Masque would have the Silver? Those guys had been laying low for most of the season and come back in a big way here. Margery also calmed herself down and did what she needed to do. Was so close to yanking out the silver so she could start kicking its ass, but Hecate got in the way there.

    Just what the Aribter of Reverse Reasoning (yes I can remember her title but not her name) and co are planning. Seem determined to keep a hold of the Silver. Enough to send out Master Throne Hecate and that other guy to seal the Reiji Maigo and were going to disperse the container, which sounds bad for Yuji.

    Maybe if I was attached to Konoe her leaving would have been a big deal. Now we know at last her purpose. A way to gather memories for Hecate without doing something bordering on a sexual assault to Yuji. Guess she took some advice and in a sense gathered her own memories rather than taking them from someone else.

    Almost can’t blame Yuji for all the freaking out. A silver guy is being yanked from your body, Master Throne Hecate shows up to get rid of you, Konoe is actually a proxy to get memories for Hecate, and you lose your body to Johan for a moment. Was kind of worried he would be gone maybe not for good but a while.

    Can’t blame Shana either for getting really riled up and attacking recklessly instead of thinking things through. Maybe one of the most emotional parts of the whole episode was her catching him as he descended. Poor Shana was literally in tears and really had been worried she was going to lose him that time. Even Yuji couldn’t miss how upset she was there.

    Kazumi…would it kill her to be concerned instead of envious that she wasn’t up there in the sky with Yuji? I get that feeling left out is a problem for her but prioritizing couldn’t hurt. Just wonder what the function of that Hougu is. I trust Pheles as far as I can throw her and let me tell you that isn’t very far. Let’s hope she doesn’t do something stupid like turning herself into a mystes. Since that doesn’t look like a backup Reiji Maigo she would just burn up like any other mystes.

    Can feel for Tanaka who is still traumatized concerning what happened last time. Its just not easy to forget someone you care deeply about getting blasted and seriously injured. How he will deal with all of this and whether he’ll be able to be within a fuzetsu without freaking out is the question.

    A really great episode this week.

  2. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict this episode will win episode of the week. In my mind it will be tough to top this episode. Only a monumental Clannad could really stand a chance of dethroning this episode.

  3. Probably would give this one my pick as well for the week. Just monumental in a variety of ways. Just in finding out all the information with Yuji and the variety of things that are hanging out inside of him. Bal Masque, Kazumi getting a hougu, Shana in tears.

    You just don’t beat that very easily

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