H2O – Footprints in the Sand – 04

Everyone heads to the beach for some relaxation when Hamaji’s imouto tags along and tries to keep Hirose away from Hamaji and the others.


This episode was alright. However, it wasn’t’ really anything special. The one thing that really made this show interesting was the story about Hayami and Hinata’s past and they didn’t really touch on that at all in this episode. Without that focus it really wasn’t that interesting. It was pretty much like any other show, and considering they spent so much time developing that part of the story some other things were lacking to make an episode like this super great. It really was just normal clichéd beach episode. Even the conflict in this individual episode wasn’t too great, Hamaji’s little sister being jealous wasn’t something that huge and considering Hamaji is a side character anyways, all in all it just wasn’t anything too spectacular. Hopefully it will get exciting son though, as they did have a confrontation at the very end of the episode. Not something to make this episode interesting really, but something that will hopefully make the next episode interesting.

As I somewhat mentioned above, I am disappointed in how little deal they made about the kiss at the end of last episode. It was something pretty big but they spent hardly any time showing what happened after and then had Hinata act like nothing happened. It seems like when the show gets to a point where it could be more interesting it just drops, and if it keeps doing that that show won’t go over too well.

I was pretty damn surprised about Hamaji turning out to be a guy. I didn’t really ever expect this show to have a trap in it. There really wasn’t anything to suggest that he was a he. His friends didn’t even make subtle jokes about it really, stuff like snickering when he did something that would be funny if you knew his real gender there was just no warning. They certainly like putting traps in anime, it seems like they pop up more and more.

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  1. The whole Hamaji being a guy seemed really weird. They never gave any hint of his being anything but a girl. Their mother dies and he suddenly does everything to become a girl? Not like Hamaji looked flat chested either. Oh well I guess they thought it’d be interesting to tack on something like that.

    Does feel odd that they just dropped the serious stuff for a lot of the episode. Hanging out with bully Yui, no wonder Hayami didn’t come along until later when she could be alone. Just hope they go and address all that has been going on here.

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