D. Gray-Man – 67

Crowley, Lavi, Lenalee and the others continue on towards Edo to meet up with General Cross when all of a sudden Chomesuke and the other Akuma receive a signal from the Earl who has just arrived in Edo himself


This episode was pretty damn big. I wasn’t really expecting too much form this episode, I thought it was going to be a bit exciting but no where near what this episode amounted to. I mean…they actually confronted the Earl. The big super ultimate bad guy of this series and the MINOR characters confronted him when he was surrounded by thousands of enemies they had difficulty dealing with one on one and four Noah’s which no one has been able to really defeat so far. I mean….my god, that’s pretty damn big. I’m really unsure of how the hell they are going to get out of this alive. I mean, thousands of level threes are enough to pretty much say they can’t survive but four Noahs and the Earl? The exorcists were kind of loosing the war already and the only way I saw them winning was if they took out the Noah’s one at a time, but now….wow…they’re screwed.

I still think there is more to the statement they made last episode about Allen being a demon/Akuma. It could have been that they were just referring to him being relentless but considering Allen’s extremely unique situation with his eye and Mana, there’s easily the possibility for so much more. Especially when you take this episode into consideration, his eye went crazy. It just so happened to be at the same time when the Earl sent this signal out to all of the Akuma. Technically, Manna is/was an Akuma. If it turns out that Mana wasn’t actually killed but somehow went into Allen’s eye it would explain a lot of things. After all when Allen’s eye changed around the time he was fighting Crowley there was a weird Akuma like skull that came out of his eye when he was unconscious with a giant “D” on it, probably why the show is called D. Gray-Man partially. While I don’t think Allen is in any way a spy or something like that there is still a big possibility of him being more or less partially Akuma.

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  1. Was pretty much sitting on the “wow they are screwed” side of things when first seeing the episode myself. Just seems like an insane suicide mission in that they could all be killed and not take down anyone themselves.

    Lenalee is unable to fight right now and if any suspicions about hers being the heart is accurate this is a pretty stupid thing to be doing since your giving the war to the Earl right there. We’ve seen characters bite it before so a situation like this is one to be concerned about.

    Panda can’t seem to take these things down, Miranda is more defensive so she could probably keep them going for longer, the crew can’t do anything. So this is just a really bad situation. Your going to need Cross, Tiedoll and company to show up just to not get annihilated as badly. But really Cross said to not be a burden so him saving them is unlikely. Just really worried about people dying there.

    With Allen’s eye I don’t think it was responding to the Earl’s call or anything. Just like with the battle of Lenalee vs Eishi it reacts to akuma. That many gathering together at once even over a massive distance is bound to get his eye going. Plus there is one that is heading right for them to react to as well. A lot of mysteries surrounding that eye and hopefully we’ll get some answers.

    Think another thing to worry about is Fou having to take on a level 3. She is pretty tough but those kinds of opponents aren’t easy to handle by any stretch. Allen’s arm better get going fast or we may have another casualty to deal with.

  2. Allen already explained it in episode 58.

    His eye goes berserk when it detects the pressence of powerful Akuma. He muttered to himself that his cursed eye behaves like a predator to Akuma.

    It brings pain to Allen in order to push him to go and look after Akuma to kill them.

    The eye behaves like a wild beast longing for its prey, and in this case the eye longs for the hunting and killing of Akuma.

  3. so was that all it took for lavi and crowley to defeat 3 level 3s….that wasn’t drawn up well at well. Made the ship scene with lenalee and Eshi, the level 3 akuma, look pathetic.

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