sola OVA – 02

DVD special episode detailing the events prior to the first episode of the main series.


Well, I realize this is coming a bit late. The OVA has been out for a while already, and the sub for it has been as well. Truth is I’ve already watched this quite a while ago as well but it wasn’t until recently that I realized I should do a post for it, seeing as how I did the whole series of sola and I did the first DVD special episode, I figured I should do this one as well.

Overall, this episode was ok. The basic premise of having an episode that takes place before the first episode in the mains series I really like. It has a lot of potential for some really interesting bits of information and to see how the characters reacted before they met each other essentially. However, for the most part this episode didn’t really seem to live up to that. Overall it was pretty good, but it didn’t give any new information. It feels that they could have given a lot more information. They had such potential with this kind of set up but like I said they showed nothing new. They showed the characters acting like they did throughout the normal series. I just really wish they would have done a lot more with this episode.

I do want to stress though this episode wasn’t bad at all, it just wasn’t all that interesting in terms of new content. The first DVD special episode didn’t give us anything new to the plot, but it really focused on comedy. It was kind of a fun break form what was happening. They didn’t rally even seem to have that going for this episode. There was some humor, but they didn’t focus on it. Overall I wish they would have done more with this, but it wasn’t bad as just a stand alone episode, especially in the grand scheme of the show.

2 thoughts on “sola OVA – 02”

  1. I dunno, man, for me this episode really answered the question of “why” that the first episode posed. I liked it a lot for that. Best episode of the show, for me :)

  2. Well it was alright, but I agree it wasn’t anything big. Of all the things they could have done an OVA episode for a prequel to episode 1 wasn’t all that high on my list.

    But overall if you just call it as a regular episode it was fine.

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