New Poll – What Kind of Anime Merchandise Do You Buy The Most?

Hello all, it’s your favorite lovable loli, Xeby-chan. Well, it’s been a long time since I had a poll, but here I go. As the title kind of mentions, this poll is a question on what kind of anime merchandise you, the fans of anime, buy. While anime fans all have in common the fact that they like anime, seeing as how there are multiple different kinds of merchandise and some are very expensive, I was just wondering what particular type certain people may migrate too.

I have listed several of the major merchandise items I could think of. I realize that many people do collect more then one kind of merchandise, but this is asking which of those kinds is more prominent in your collection. In other words what kind of merchandise do you like and/or collect the most. Choose your top answer, even if you have multiple just pick the one that are the biggest in your collection.

IMPORTANT! This is a poll on what you BUY, not download. Things you’ve have paid money for.

The options are:

  • Anime DVDS
  • Manga
  • Artbooks
  • Figures
  • Small Items (Plushes, Keychains, etc.)
  • Don’t Collect Any Merchandise

Go ahead and comment to give your reasons :D

13 thoughts on “New Poll – What Kind of Anime Merchandise Do You Buy The Most?”

  1. DVDs mostly. As a stealth-otaku I don’t decorate my room and having two HDDs die on me just recently convinced me to get my favorite shows in some more reliable format.

  2. Well, in sheer number of items, I’d say I buy more manga than anything. Manga take up about 4 shelves on the bookcase while anime takes up about 2. However, in terms of money spent, I’d have to believe that anime wins by quite a margin. Though, recently I’ve been focusing on anime (since I don’t really have the time or money to do both right now) so I put anime.

  3. Probably the DVD’s. Don’t purchase a lot of anime related stuff. For various reasons like not a ton of cash around or easy ways to get a hold of things. But for the shows I really enjoyed will go the extra mile to get them.

  4. Nothing. If I were to buy something it’d probably be figures though since you can’t download them on the internet.

  5. Do model kits of anime mecha fall under “Figures”? I spend the most on them. Probably about $6000 in 2007 alone.


  6. Model kits would fall under figures I’d say, as they are 3D physical objects.

    As far as magazines, I’d say artbooks or small items. It depends on what kind of magazines and why you get them, for the pictures or just for collection purpose.

    I voted figures, as that’s what I have the most of.

  7. A good mix of DVD, domestic manga and figures. One month it’ll be DVD heavy; the next preordered figures will come into availability.

    This month it has been figure intensive. (Aerith statue, Alter’s KOS-MOS Ver. 4, Original FF7 Cloud, Aerith and Tifa Play Arts)

    I might lean more towards figures if they’d actually make ones for characters I want figures for, not just gashapon capsule toys. (i.e., Tyki Mikk – D Gray-Man, Kamina – Gurren Lagann to name a few)

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