Shigofumi – First Arc Ending – Still Awesome

I had to make a post for this series, because it really has turned out amazing when I was originally not even going to give it a chance. I still won’t blog every episode, but if all of the arcs are as good as this I’ll probably give a post for every arc, which in this case was made of two episodes.

I first off have to just say that this show is just so incredibly deep. I haven’t seen an anime really tackle these kinds of moral questions…ever. I mean, I was unsure of whether or not to view Asuna as a good or bad person. Killing her father seemed justified, but then the question of killing Shouta was still hard. It can easily be viewed many different ways. What it really came down to was a pretty questionable moral dilemma. She did things for the right reason partially, but whether that makes it right or wrong is subject. All in all I am happy with how this turned out. I usually don’t go for this kind of setting, with murders and so forth, but overall I think it ended rather well.

The one thing I’m really curious about is how serious and dark the rest of the arcs will be. If they will all be extremely dark like this or if some of them will be more light hearted and touchy feely.

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  1. Last minute entry.

    Bandai Visual USA has licensed Shigofumi for distribution in North America, as of today.

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