Episode of the Week – 01.25 – Shigofumi – 02

Episode of the Week:

Shigofumi – 02

Wow, this was a pretty hard choice for this week. Not really because it had a lot of great shows, but most of the shows were rather bland. Clannad finished one arc and just getting into one isn’t that huge, Shana had a great last minute but the episode in whole was nothing special

I do want to say that I haven’t done an Episode of the Week post like this before, but I said that all shows I’m blogging, including the ones I’m doing quick posts on where I only post one picture and some paragraphs, are eligible as long as I did a post for that specific episode. Well, Shigofumi, although being one of my quick post shows, captivated me enough to give it this award.

This may fit a little odd, since the subs came out late, but again that’s what I have to go by. Plus, there aren’t any other episodes that really deserved this. Although there are some good shows this winter season, I like True Tears; it hasn’t had a smash episode.

All that being said, Shigofumi impressed me enough to consider it and award it this week’s episode. Shigofumi is one of the deepest shows I’ve ever seen. It really focuses on some questioning moral questions and dilemmas. Making you question whether or not murder was right or wrong, doing something like that defiantly shows an episode is pretty good.

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