Clannad – 15

Nagisa runs into problems when she tries to revive the drama club, but Sunohara tries to stick up for her and encourage her to keep going, although Nagisa is reluctant


This episode was pretty good. It didn’t really get into any of the serious aspects of anyone yet, maybe a little with Sunohara outburst, but for the most part this episode was a rather layed back episode, kind of setting up the situation. It did have some great comedy though. I laughed extremely hard at this episodes “humor bit” I don’t know how else to describe it; although this series has a lot of comedy throughout most episodes seem to have one joke that is funniest. This of course being the bit with Sunohara being called homosexual. I thought it was great, just the first joke where Tomoya said this to Nagisa, but when she was trying to cover for Tomoya, saying she’s his girlfriend and so on, it was great.

The one thing that interested me is how they don’t seem to be very obvious about whose arc they are going into next. This episode almost seemed to focus an arc on Sunohara, which actually isn’t uncommon for a visual novel game to do, have an arc on the best friend, being a non romantic, arc, but having some drama. It could be his small arc, seeing as how they are introducing his sister. Still, I’m not even sure if it’s an arc concerning Sunohara, as this episode was more about the drama club, which fits under Nagisa’s arc. However I’m pretty sure she’ll be saved for last. So it’ll likely indeed be Sunohara’s short arc that leads into one of the main ones. It’s not bad that they aren’t making it obvious; in fact it’s rather interesting to see.

From the preview, it seems as if it could go into either Kyou/Ryou’s arc or Tomoyo. I really liked the short moment Tomoya and Tomoyo had (why the hell would they name two character’s so similarly damnit) She did show some signs of falling for him, which could explain why she asked if he was going out with anyone in the preview. Then of course Kyou referenced the same thing. Again, I’m sure she’s asking for her sister but there will be some drama from her feelings. Either way, it doesn’t seem clear where they will go but if I had to bet I’d say Kyou/Ryou, as it’s less obvious that Tomoyo likes Tomoya and she’s played a smaller role thus far.

2 thoughts on “Clannad – 15”

  1. My condolences for Sunohara and his sexuality being challenged. I really wonder about the people around Tomoya in that they always believe his stories without question. I know its good for the humour but I really have to wonder about some of the people here.

    Still a good chance for Sunohara to step up again like he did near the end of the Fuuko arc. Showing that while he can be a big part of the comedy there is more to his character than simply that. Should be interesting to see what happens with his sister showing up.

  2. Poor Sunohara. So many things happen to him which makes us laugh. His random thoughts and comments. Though one must ask what kind of brain you have to have to believe some of the stuff he does… When he has his little outburst in this episode though, I definitely felt myself gain a bit of respect for him. There’s more to his character than we see and I hope it develops a bit more.

    A little side thing, Mei Sunohara is voiced by Yukari Tamura. The same person who does Shuri from Myself; Yourself, Rika from Higurashi and Nanoha from the Nanoha series. She also does a lot more but those are the ones off the top of my head.

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