Minami-ke Okawari – First Impressions

Wow, this was hilarious. I had my doubts for this new series, not being sure if it was a continuation or a remake, and was a bit concerned abut what things, if any, they changed, but it really has turned out better then I could have hoped for. Already, comparing just the quality of the comedy and writing, this episode has topped many from the previous series. I’m not sure what animation style I prefer right now, this one isn’t necessarily bad, but since it’s different it seems a bit weird. Still, for the most part this was great and lives up to the first series’ comedy and overall greatness.

The main thing I was worrying about with this series was if they were going to end up repeating the same events that happened in the first season. If they did, it would have really just plain failed. It’s not different enough from the original series that it would be interesting to do the same thing over again. However luckily it seems like this episode pretty much left off right where the old series ended, the same time of the year, the same developments with Mako and Touma already cross-dressing, and so on. With that fear out of the way it really seems as if it will be great. For the most part, since nothing has really changed such as ages or personalities, and so on, this really is essentially a second season, and not a remake of the first.

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