Shakugan no Shana II – 14


Yoshida tries to show Pheles all the good things about the human world so she may change her mind towards doing anything against Yuji.


Wow this episode certainly picked up at the end. Throughout most of the episode it was going alright, it wasn’t bad or anything but it wasn’t really anything spectacular. It was kind of the calm aftermath of the battle they just had. It seemed that Pheles would go along with waiting for things to develop and they would slowly learn more and then something big would happen. I certainly wasn’t expecting all that to happen in just the span of one episode. It went from calm and relaxed to BOOM someone’s trying to kill Yuji again. Then, not only that but that incredibly strong person was stabbed thought he chest by a silver arm that represents an even bigger enemy and mystery. They certainly aren’t giving much of a chance for things to ease up; this season is going incredibly well. It may have started off a little slow, but the fact that it is this interesting and exciting when they are only half way though shows that the rest of the series really will be something to look forward to.

I’m really wondering what the hell is going on with Konoe/Hecate thing. They’ve shown NUMEROUS times that Konoe isn’t normal, mysteriously showing her knowing something when she sees wind, seeing her bracelet glow, but they still haven’t really said what the hell is up with it, just that there is something. I’m pretty positive though that this has something to do with the “Blue Insignia Project” that Metamorphis was talking about early on in this season. He said something about the project being done to Hecate, so perhaps it makes her human or links her to another human like the butler. I’m not sure, and right now there are way too many possibilities but if it doesn’t turn out that Hecate someone became human, it opens up new possibilities for Shana and Yuji if something else happens to them or their status/situation.

Right now the thing that just impresses me so much is that so many different things could happen. The world of this series is so complex with different magic and the way things work that there could be numerous ways for everything to turn out, and finding out which is a great interesting and fun to see.

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  1. I knew it. The silver arm coming out of the Reiji Maigo. This just has to be related to that Sabrac guy and what he did to it. Looks like a threat to the Reiji Maigo really can cause some dangerous things. Can’t wait to get some answers though. It’s too long for the next episode since so much is happening right now.

    Just want to say that I respect Shana and Kazumi for handling their rivalry with maturity. Now please stop saying your not going to lose!? We get it already. Neither one wants to quit or plans on losing in this. But let’s face it one of you is going to get Yuji and the other is not. Unless you’ve got some three-way relationship thing going…

    Really hope to get some answers about Konoe. We’ve been waiting for so long to find out her purpose as more than making Shana and Kazumi jealous. Whole situation seems to be reaching a really hectic level. Just can’t wait to get some answers.

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